Favourite cover versions by punk bands

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Been revisiting my punk, pop-punk and punk-time power-pop cannon heavily of late.

Two stand out covers IMHO are:

Ramones - live version of Do You Wanna Dance for the sheer pared-down exuberance and zest they brought to that tune.

And the best to these ears, The Stranglers' rambling take on Walk On By, with it's extended and slightly ramshackle instrumental section and knowing asides.

The various Dickies covers - Paranoid, Nights in White Satin et al - are great pieces of adrenal power pop, faultlessly executed but lacking a certain attitude that might lift them beyond 'punk by numbers'.

What else gets love?
Alternatively, list every punk-tinged cover version evarrr.


  • Snuff's cover of "I Think We're Alone Now" might be up your alley.

    Black Flag's version of Louie Louie was the first thing that came to mind but not really pop-punk i guess.

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    I think the band's name is New Found Glory. They did a good thrash-punk cover of the Sesame Street theme.

  • minutemen doing steely dan

  • Husker Du "8 Miles High" (Byrds)

    Minutemen "Red and the black" (BOC)

    Accused "Barracuda" (Heart)

  • does this count?

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    Bit too obvious maybe but as a nipper, always dug Sid Vicious' "Somethin' Else"... Didn't even know it were a cover at that age. Fraternal singalongs 4 dayz....


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  • ...Angry Samoans do a less faithful version of this as well.

    I also have a soft spot for this, but I understand if people refuse to place JA in the "punk" category:

  • HarveyCanalHarveyCanal "a distraction from my main thesis." 13,234 Posts
    More Doors related...

    ...my favorite cover band, Crystal Shit.

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    More Post Punk and Noise Rock, first one is actually a cover of a '77 Punk classic:

  • HarveyCanalHarveyCanal "a distraction from my main thesis." 13,234 Posts
    Not necessarily a "punk" band, but this was my shit when it came out...

  • HarveyCanalHarveyCanal "a distraction from my main thesis." 13,234 Posts
    Again, not really a punk band, but IMO the best Hendrix cover ever...

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    HarveyCanal said:

    Love the Gories!
    This would be my fave of their cover versions:

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  • i knew both of these cover versions way before i ever heard the OG. Still like them better than the OG.
    Punk rock early teen vaccum related.

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  • crabmongerfunk said:
    does this count?

    I would have gone for this one...

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    Yup, Gories 4Ever.

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    Clash - Police and Thieves. When Lee Perry met one of them he told them they destroyed his song!

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