Funny Biz Markie stories and appreciation thread!



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    What up Preme! What chu know about shopping for gear at the downtown Seattle Army Navy store with Biz and Big Chan? Remember how funny that day was!!!!!! LOL

    that story ended up in another thread didn't it? shame, that made me laugh my ass off. find it and repost chan!

    I also met biz that day, briefly - we had a 40 minute discussion about breaks - everything i named he just went "I WAS THE FIRST TO SAMPLE THAT". what even the skull snaps? I WAS THE FIRST. He said many hella funny things. He showed how to make a tom-tom noise by hitting your head and stretching the skin of your neck. I think the suitcase came up too.

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    I tried to find the thread where Hawkeye interviews Questlove about the Mardi Gras without the bells to bump it, but no luck. If you haven't seen Questlove go into great detail about this, it's here:
    Questlove interview
    (including a pretty decent Biz impersonation)

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    This one needs to stay near the top. This must be on tons of peoples favorites list!

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    I'm into day 2 hanging out with Biz... and got the show on tomorrow night, and I got some stories to tell, but I'll wait till after the tour to post up... damn... ahhaha...

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    Consider this a semi-bump.

    I'm excited to see what Sheep has to say.

    I get a random phone call from a couple of excited young white friends. They tell me they got the hookup for a Biz show here in Vegas at the RIO... OF COURSE they ironically want to see Biz. They don't know Biz like I do, but of course I gotta go. Free Biz Markie is an opportunity I can't just skip out on.

    The place is this big empty showfloor in the RIO Casino, a theater that used to be Prince's private showroom, but now it's just another waste of space in a Casino. The Biz is up there spinning a boring drakey chingy jeezy rappy serato set.

    For some odd reason Biz is spinning at about 9:00 for Vegas this is really really early. He's got the whole mouth open / disinterested facial expression staring into a laptop screen. We take a couple pictures, and he lazily puts his hands up to signify he's in the same room with us.

    His Djing sounds exactly like him going through his Ipod on shuffle looking for a song he wants to hear. Not exactly blending or listening to the tracks. Just kind of skipping through tracks. So then he walks off stage for a bit into the audience gives a couple people daps while somebody else gets on the decks and then he just walks out the entrance of the club and leaves.

    The elusive Biz Markie strikes again.

    - spidey

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    Necessary Bump

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    I heard Biz was in the hospital so I went back and re-read this whole thread. Buuuuuump.

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    Oh shit. Get well soon Biz!

  • I believe I archived the "biz never sleeps" blogspot that agglomerated all these posts, the man is the definition of larger than life! get well soon!

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    I believe I archived the "biz never sleeps" blogspot that agglomerated all these posts, the man is the definition of larger than life! get well soon!

    I did that, it's still there.
    Just found out about Biz's stroke and coma today via instagram. I hope he will recover soon.

    Any new Biz stories ?

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