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I would assume everyone is up on this but if not get on Twitch and check out the music section. Been a great getaway during covid. Lots of great DJs doing regular weekly sets like Louie Vega, Questlove, Craze, Shortcut, Maseo (always high AF!) and so many more. Some great Latin and EDM dj's and a good way to check out DJs you haven't heard of or musical styles you don't know much about/want to see what's new.

and Timbalands beat school where he critiques beats sent in by viewers is comedy

Obviously tons of bedroom dorks just turning the music down every 3 sec (I HATE THAT DJ STYLE!) to beg chat for money but you can weed them out lol. Also a lot of people playing live music either covers or originals. The few of those I've checked have been pretty bad.



  • I have only dipped a toe into twitch, really, but for non-shitty live musicians I like charles jones:
    He has what they call a "golden voice". I'd listen to charles sing songs I hate, and enjoy it.

    I'm not sure I'd browse twitch for live musicians so much as take notice if a musician I already like from real music (like Charles) happens to jump on twitch.

    Blindboy from the Rubberbandits (remember "Horse Outside"? the Irish comedy duo?) does a frankly insane thing where he runs around in Red Dead Redemption, not really playing the game as it's meant to be played, but for inspiration to live-compose music tracks. He appears to have been doing this multiple hours a week for like a year(!).

    Aside from that I can't add to your list, other than a cosine on skratch bastid, whose enthusiasm is infectious.

  • dizzybulldizzybull Eerie Dicks 330 Posts
    I’m 100% a skratch Bastid fanboy. 

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    I just been watching Jazzy Jeff on Youtube. Wed lunch time and Friday house party has been keeping me sane and dancing around the lounge room.
    On a side note a bunch of EDM djs pop up on my feed randomly. Watching them play is so boring. One mix every 6-8 mins and then they dancing around the decks and twiddling knobs. 

  • andrewhandrewh 12 Posts
    These have been keeping me sane. Also, I like that I can give some cash/bits to them.

    plaese to poast more worthy recommendations

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    DJ Mel does the Living Room Dance Party on Saturday, and also Moody Monday where he plays 80's goth and other stuff.

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    I just randomly caught Carl Craig doing a set yesterday and it was a bright spot in my day. 

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    dudes/dudettes - thank for the links yo, i checked out Maseo's Twitch the day this was posted (18 days ago) and heard the fucking sickest most dopest version of "Childrens Story" i have ever heard, it was obviously made using the multitracks, muting and solo'ing only certain segments of the track  - as the beat, lyrics and everything else were all the same as the OG track, i have been trying to find it since that time but i am sure its only a mix that "he" has, i hope i catch it again on some random listen. i peeped Jeff's Twitch as well and it was just filled with sick shit. first night i caught Jeff he was on some "this is not a DMX tribute, the guy isnt dead" and only few days later "guys this is our DMX tribute set, we are remembering DMX"

    i didnt know what Twitch was all about, I just started watching Twitch a year ago, hilariously one night i found someone streaming "MXC" (Lets go! Guy LeDouche) and started watching it every few nights, a few months later, i found people playing and streaming video games and watched for a few hours. i totally forgot about it until this sucks that you cant watch Paul's (bastid's) stream unless you "like/love/join" like everything else now-a-days (do dj's expect you to follow them on every social media platform these days just to see their content?)

    ** pleez - if anyone comes across a "dj koco" stream POAST! that! shit! up!, i have been watching dudes videos like a crackhead recently and that dude is an untouchable beast on the 1200's

  • For much more serious purposes, I found WOKE on twitch was a really useful and good way to watch shit going down on the streets last summer - it was a big mosaic of loads of protest livestreams all put together in one, switching audio to whichever had the most going on.

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    ** pleez - if anyone comes across a "dj koco" stream POAST! that! shit! up!, i have been watching dudes videos like a crackhead recently and that dude is an untouchable beast on the 1200's

    seriously. watched a stream of his a couple weeks back and it kinda blew my mind.  he's incredible!
    i assume you've all seen him, but if not, do not delay. 


  • dj_cityboydj_cityboy 1,461 Posts
    i dont understand...livestreaming/playing live/mixtapes

    i watched a video that was posted in the MF DOOM RIP thread by SPIDEY of Paul Skratch Bastid djing and there was a spot in the video where he had to edit out a track that he played due to the youtoobs police, yesterday i watched another video on youtube of DJ Melo-D djing and he had to edit out a track he played while the track played he timelapsed that portion and there was a message that said <we didnt clear this with yezzy> or something to that affect. The last few Twitch streams i watched had portions "muted" in spots where tracks were played, Jazzy Jeff seems to have a lot of this in the last few sets hes posted

    also yesterday i watched a DJ Koco video and a bunch of other dj sets and not a single edit in the video or copyright issue.

    i know live streaming on youtube has the potential to reach more people than a 5000 person venue, but why are these dudes having to edit out tracks? even if they are only getting 5000ish views..i don't get it, because i don't know what i don't know, eh?

    do artists get paid when Paul (or any other dj that uploads sets to youtube) plays their records on platforms like youtube, Twitch or any other live streaming platforms? if the youtube police are stopping him from playing the track or making him edit it out...why/how can he go to a live venue afterwards and play the same set or same tracks without anyone saying anything.

  • Streaming just needs to fall under the same shit as we did in radio where they report plays to some central body that I guess distributes some kind of royalties from some central fund paid into by radio stations? Or something? I just remember at KALX for one week a year it'd be like "play all your favorite artists cause this will help them get paid for radio airtime", so there must be some kind of system in place already.

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    It's pretty random out there what gets banned and what doesn't. Twitch reminds djs right now to not archive their sets, as this gets the company in trouble with all the majors. I've stopped archiving stuff for that reason. There is a lot of back and forth happening behind the scenes as it's the place where most djs live online right now. In terms of Youtube, if you don't monetize your channel, you can upload pretty much a lot. I've been archiving my radio show (on The Lotradio here in Brooklyn called "Records Before Rent") on Youtube with no problems, as I don't have enough followers yet to monetize my channel. Also my Massive Attack mix excerpts live there comfortably. Also, in recent weeks, a lot of videos have been blocked on Instagram, things that people uploaded years ago all of a sudden get taken down. I appealed a few of these takedowns claiming fair usage and "promoting dj culture" and also reminding them that I don't monetize my account - and I've won one case so far where they reuploaded the video. Pretty wild. Soundcloud seems to be off the radar by now and Mixcloud is the only place where everything is legal - unfortunately, there is no bigger community behind it and they don't archive video, only the audio portion of a stream. If Mixcloud would be bigger, content creators could legally make comfortable money. Not sure if that's ever going to happen unfortunately. It could also be that Twitch either gets an agreement with the industry finally or they will be shut down for music streaming and people move on to the next thing that doesn't even exist yet. 

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    If Mixcloud put back the ability to rewind in the free version, I would use it and not avoid it in the same way I avoid putting on underpants full of wasps.

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    That's how they are able to keep it free (and legal) unfortunately.
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