Introduction, Strut appreciation and an offering

pladenpladen 3 Posts
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Dear Soulstrut massive,

This is some sort of love letter.

I've been lurking around these parts for ages and I now have an opportunity to introduce myself, since I come bearing a gift as a token of my deep appreciation of all this community has offered throughout the years.

I am a Danish dj and music maker who's been at it for 30 some years (some of you might have noticed the mix Raj was kind enough to add around 2006 titled “Rock Science”).

I just recently released my newest offering “Direct To Tape” which is somewhat movie themed.

Streams are here:

and download here:

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did making it.

Cassette tapes are in the making (given the current circumstances I can't say when they will be ready) and if any of you are interested in getting your hands on a copy, please let me know and I will reserve a batch for teh Strutteurs, free of charge.

A huge thanks to Raj for keeping this place afloat and a thank you all for sharing your deep knowledge in the past, present and future.

I hope you all will make it safely through this weird place in time,



PS. Off The Wall



  • SPlDEYSPlDEY Vegas 3,357 Posts
    Dude, I for sure want one! Lmk if I can cover shipping  or whatever man, this mix is WILD!!

    - Damo

  • Oh shit, I'm a few songs in, this is great stuff! When I can make money again (freelance, three jobs cancelled so far, not eligible for any compensation...) I want a tape too. Post here when you've got some made.

    Gonna check out your old school SS mix too now.

  • JimsterJimster Twilight Zone/ Al Capone/ Rolling Stone/ Eva Perón 6,326 Posts
    Same her Klez, freelance and being told nobody other than the NHS is hiring.  Noble cause it is, but it would be pissing into the wind financially.


    @Pladen, YES!

  • dizzybulldizzybull 44 Posts
    Great mix. I can’t imagine how much time and planning went into it. 

  • para11axpara11ax No-style-havin' mf'er 361 Posts
    Possibly the best intro for a newcomer I’ve ever read. Welcome! 

  • True, I didn't realize that was a literal Post 1. Hell of a debut.

  • Just relistened to this. Still dope. I am a ride-or-die fan of actual scratching skills on display in DJ mixes when appropriate and wish that didn't seem to be on the downward trend.

  • dj_cityboydj_cityboy 1,419 Posts
    aw shit! i just loaded this shit up on the ol soundcloud, this is much needed lock down vibes, welcome yo

    EDIT: yo i'll cop a tape as well, i still have a good sized cassette collection and would to add this to it!

  • covecove 1,564 Posts
    Respect! I'd love a tape copy of this whenever that may be.  Please put me down for one.

  • pladenpladen 3 Posts
    Thanks so much for the kind words, so glad you guys like it.

    Still no news on when the tapes will be ready, but I'll keep you posted here.

  • pladenpladen 3 Posts
    Just relistened to this. Still dope. I am a ride-or-die fan of actual scratching skills on display in DJ mixes when appropriate and wish that didn't seem to be on the downward trend.

    I kept the scratching to a somewhat minimum this time around as I feel like I haven't really evolved much the past 10 years.

    Maybe I should get back to practicing.

    Listening back to "Rock Science" in the process of making this current mix I found it too scratch heavy.

    Guess the keyword is "appropriate".

  • I fall probably pretty far on the scratch-heavy side of the appropriateness axis. I like plenty. Like how those old DJ Yoda cut n paste mixes from the early 2000s had a couple baby scratches at the top of like every single vocal sample. 

    That said you're probably right not to try to appeal to the 100 people left on earth who think like me that almost anything is improved by some turntablism.

    Maybe this puts me even further into the minority but I would argue that if it's on beat, scratching in the context of a DJ mix doesn't have to be too advanced technique-wise. Not saying yours wasn't good BTW, just a general taste of mine.
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