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I've always been curious if there's any relevance to the different colored labels - either red or purple. Different pressing plants? First pressings? East coast and west coast pressings?


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    More than likely it has something to do with East/West distribution. I have 8 of the 10 People LP releases and the only red labels I have are a pair of Lyn Collins second album. The only other red label People Lps I've seen were Doing It To Death and Youngeinstein sold them.

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    I think they just changed the label when it was time. Just like Capitol had the yellow-orange swirl on their 45s for most of the sixties, but switched to the red-orange target design at the end of the decade.

    As for People, they had three label designs that I know of, and none were simultaneous. I'm guessing gray (1970), purple (1971), and red (1973).

  • I've been searching the internet trying to find an image of what Peoples Records company 7" sleeves looked like, specifically for the purple label releases. Can anyone help?

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    I've never seen a company sleeve for those. 
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