The Jack Moves

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Been playing this awesome song on repeat and looking forward to the LP!


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    F*ck, can't embed the video here for some reason.

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    Thanks for posting, loving this already! The best thing happening in "the neo-soul scene" in a while.

    Edit. Feeling the flutes!

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    We helped mix the album at my studio. It's really great. you guys are in for a treat.

  • I got their first 45 shortly after it walked into Good. Thanks again for for the recommendation, T*m!

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    I remember that Herm. those 45s sold really well if I recall correctly. I remember re-upping a few times with them, and we stayed in touch ever since. they really went all out for their album. String sections and brass all recorded a zack's place in Newark.

  • Nice to see these guys are still doing their thing. I remember they were trying to team up with an older soul dude to do some sort of project, can't remember who it was. can anyone shed light on this? seems they deleted the promo video they had...

    anyways, remember hearing the first 45 at good as well and immediately bought it. Good stuff.

  • Wow that song is great! Going to have to find a copy of this when it comes out!

  • This Talented Angel Face Zack
    Is My 2nd Cousin! Wow! Absolutely Adore UR Music!
    Looking Forward to Following UR Journey Into Stardom

  • I ended up buying a couple of that 45 after Tom or Paycheck mentioned it here, great song and looking forward to the new stuff

  • Music, production and songwriting are all pretty great here. This guys voice isn't doing it for me though, high falsetto tones.. no

    Not sure if I can get past that but everything else is greatness, interested to hear more.

  • their new video is sexy 
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