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I just received some horrible news that fellow strutter and friend to many on here, was killed a couple days ago when struck by an SUV on his bike. Details are shakey at this point, but I thought some of you should know.


  • NO

  • posted to instagram 2 days ago?

    tell me this isn't verified.

  • Man. RIP. I just texted his ex roommate and he just found out too. Crazy.

  • no fuck that.

  • this guy was KINDRED.

    any details of any kind of service would be much appreciated.

  • DORDOR Two Ron Toe 9,813 Posts
    Damn, that's terrible. Dude always seemed like a really nice guy and I enjoyed his posts and mixes .


  • DelayDelay 4,530 Posts
    I really don't know what to say. Ill miss you friend

  • fuck..

    i wish we were closer, matt.

  • Hotsauce84Hotsauce84 8,451 Posts

  • ketanketan Warmly booming riffs 2,556 Posts
    Didn't know him but from his entertaining posts... sad to see him go. Condolences to those of you who were his friend. RIP

  • parallaxparallax no-style-having mf'er 1,266 Posts
    Sad to see a good dude go like that--too young and too soon. R.I.P.

  • discos_almadiscos_alma discos_alma 2,164 Posts
    Whoa. Horrible news. RIP teh_gaffler / iceburglettuceslim / youngcoconutt / granddaddystackswell

    Phenomenal sense of humor. Major loss!

  • 4YearGraduate4YearGraduate 2,936 Posts
    not taking this well.

  • Bon VivantBon Vivant The Eye of the Storm 2,018 Posts

  • Sad to Hear. Rest In Peace

  • kalakala 3,347 Posts
    that sucks
    r.i.p mack


  • Controller_7Controller_7 4,052 Posts
    Damn. Really sorry to hear this.

  • GrandfatherGrandfather 2,302 Posts
    holy shit, that dude was a boss. dam.

  • While I never got the chance to meet him in person, Matt was an awesome guy who made me laugh through his bugged out Facebook photos and made me drool with all his awesome Polo gear. Rest in peace my dude.

    And damn if the last time I posted on Soulstrut was give condolences to another Strutter.

  • caicai spacecho 361 Posts
    RIP .. very sad.

  • JimsterJimster Twilight Zone/ Al Capone/ Rolling Stone/ Eva Perón 6,341 Posts

    Had plenty of humorous exchanges with Stackswell here and through the social networks.

    A diamond geezer.


    Condolences to his family.

  • UnherdUnherd 1,880 Posts
    Damn, this is tough to read.

    RIP to a dude I never met, but who seemed thoroughly dude, and was such a welcome presence on the board when he came through.

    Stay safe everyone.

  • empanadamnempanadamn 1,462 Posts
    i was expecting to read something funny about the dude or a story about a less-than-stellar-graded record exchange. not this; anything but this. i wish i'd got a chance to meet him face to face, hear him dj, share a drink and some laughs. he seemed like a genuinely cool cat with a sense of humor i get. if there's anything i / we can do to express condolences or support to his friends or family, i'm down to put something in motion.

    rest in peace, homie. you'll be missed.


  • upskibooupskiboo 2,396 Posts
    traffic is ruthless, sad to hear..


  • skelskel You can't cheat karma 5,028 Posts
    It's shocking when young dude dies of natural causes. Doubly shocking when it's unnatural causes.
    Triply shocking when it happens whilst engaged in healthy/green endeavour such as cycling.

    Always enjoyed his poasts.

    Condolences to all.

  • Jonny_PaycheckJonny_Paycheck 17,825 Posts
    Fuck.... Fuck.

  • Jonny_PaycheckJonny_Paycheck 17,825 Posts
    Sorry... Just hearing this. No words. the last guy I thought I'd be hearing this about. We lost a good one.

    Safe travels kid. I'll miss you.

  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,370 Posts
    Never met the guy but always gutted to hear such news.


  • Goddamnit this is horrible.

    I am absolutely in shock.
    Matt and I became super tight super quick two years ago when he extended me the most
    awesome hospitality while I was dealing with my dad's death in DC.
    Dude stayed up with me until the wee hours many nights consoling and counseling a dude
    he had just met.
    Shirt off his back kinda guy. Just the best.
    Funniest Yankee Ever.

    I had just mailed him a box of 45's last week.

    Tom, or any local strutter that may be around and helping out with his affairs,
    please pm me with any details of a service, I will hop on the first plane up there,
    and I have lots of family in D.C., so could definently get up there to help out with anything at all.

    I am just crushed.

  • billbradleybillbradley You want BBQ sauce? Get the fuck out of my house. 2,592 Posts
    I didn't know M*** first hand but he always made funny comments on my Instagram photos. RIP buddy.
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