The Brazilian Jamaica

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this is a great article on the reggae scene in S??o Luis do Maranh??o, a piss-poor town in the northeast of Brazil:

anyway, I don't know a thing about Jamaican music, but can anyone shed some light about the type of music that's mentioned in the article? Besides their deep love of Gregory Isaacs, have they latched on to some obscure or cheesy veins of reggae?


here are some locals doing their reggae dance:


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    Looks like their dancing Forr??, just fast.

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    yeah, the dance isn't that different from forr??. I think there's more steps to it though, and you have to swing your hips a lot more.

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    Yeah, I was gonna say. It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing.

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    Brazilian hiphop with reggae vocals and a jackie mittoo sample
    great video too

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    Not really on the Brazilian Jamaica tip. But...

    Being it Brazil right now I've seen some Passinho "little step" here and there.

    The wickedest was in Lapa down an alley was packed and the DJ was playing nothing but great 80's jams (mix of Freestyle/R&B/Soul/MJ jams a plenty). Most of the street was side steppin' and groovin'. Wish I was able to have recorded that.

    I met a dude in Ipanema last Sunday that I took some photos of with his dog. He was tellin' me about his Brazilian reggae night and asked us to come. But we already had plans. Looking back I should have probably checked it out.
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