Turntables with line-level outputs

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My situation is this: I'm looking to set up a turntable, plugged into my old stereo receiver, so that I can listen to records while cooking/eating (my DJ setup is on another floor in the house). The wrinkle is that my stereo receiver doesn't have a phono jack, so I need to either run an old turntable through some sort of pre-amp (sadly, I unloaded all of my old DJ mixers years ago) or get a turntable that has line-level output. I actually dug out my old HandyTrax and have that hooked up, which is working fine for now, but I'd like to step up to a proper turntable with a better/more easily replaceable needle. All I see these days are USB turntables, which are a no-go for me. I just need line-level RCA outs. Any suggestions?


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    Get a pre-amp and then use whatever turntable you want.

  • I haven't personally used one but have heard good things baout this line: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=&sku=850003&is=REG&A=details&Q=

    and it has line level rca out.

  • Just get one of these:

    $17 on Amazon

    Or if you want something a little better/more versatile:

    $35 on Amazon

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    Yeah a pre-amp is the way to go, they can cost almost as little or as much as you want to pay for them.

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    I use this one:

    it's tiny and it gets the job done. Like everyone else said, there are other companies that make more serious phono pre-amps that cost a lot more and take up a lot more space.

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    Good to know there are some good small-and-cheap pre-amps out there. I assumed they were all pricey and/or bulky. Thanks, all!

  • this was recommended on here previously and works great for me.

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    Hey DJ Enki,

    You could get a Stanton ST-150. It has both phono capabilities.


    Big Stacks from Kakalak
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