facemelting vcr collection (nrr)

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:get_on_my_level: :face_melt:


  • HarveyCanalHarveyCanal "a distraction from my main thesis." 13,234 Posts
    @ 1:05...does he say that the VCR has a "penis mark"?

  • minimini 857 Posts
    Speaks with Finnish accent for sure.

  • DustedDonDustedDon 830 Posts
    homeboys hair cut is off the chain.

  • tabiratabira 856 Posts
    "Phillips is bad, very bad"

  • DanteDante 371 Posts
    imagine seeing this in a flat screen at a korean restaurant SERIOUSLY stoned.

    now you know how i felt

  • SunfadeSunfade 799 Posts
    "Asshole Vezza, Loot dee, Asshole Vezza" @ 7:40?

  • YemskyYemsky 618 Posts
    Jump to 3.50 in this one and watch for approx 2 minutes

    Should I laugh or cry?

  • damn that video is hilarious.

  • spcspc 534 Posts
    HarveyCanal said:
    @ 1:05...does he say that the VCR has a "penis mark"?

    There also seems to be a "penis design"
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