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    4YearGraduate said:
    on the backside of Bora Bora there is a break in the reef where the juxtaposed temperatures of water make for a crazy current pulling through the reef. You can start on the outer side of the reef and lay down to snorkel and let the current literally pull you through the break in the reef while you float and look down at the reef in about 3-5 feet of water. Most amazing ride of my life, seriously.

    The island of Gili Meno in Indonesia that I mentioned up-thread has a real cool current set-up as well. To the north of the island there is a westward-moving current and to the south there is a eastward-moving current, creating a circular current around the island itself. You hire a boat to follow behind you as you float around the entire island without really having to swim at all. It's fucking wild!

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    RAJ said:

    My favorite East Coast beach is Sandbridge Beach, VA.

    It's basically, the Outer Banks without all the pretentious douche bags, more accessible, and lower rent. Very low key... not crowded... driving distance to great record digging and Virginia Beach fun.

    yeah, i used to love this place. they had the ill convenience store there too - it was named like "7 to 12" or some dub shit like that.

    also, another local favorite of mine, Assateague Island - the deserted, more private beaches though

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    I'm going to rep Long Beach Island, NJ. I've been coming here since I was a baby. Lot's of memories here. Took these pics the other day.

    Ship Bottom

    Beach Haven

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    Tokeh Beach, Freetown Peninsula, Sierra Leone. View from the sea.

    View onto the sea.

    We had the beach for ourselves all day, maybe a quarter mile up there were some fishermen, it felt like having stepped into a screensaver.

    You can see how clear the water is. The fishermen can preview their catch through the wave...

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    Certainly a lot different than this one..

    That Vice guide blew my mind.

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    HOLLAFAME said:
    Certainly a lot different than this one..

    That Vice guide blew my mind.

    Liberia? Yeah, urban beaches can be quite gnarly. I really hated that Vice guide episode... I generally find their stuff more or less entertaining but that piece was horribly exploitive and just ful of shit from start to finish. presenting General Buttnaked as a converted Christian, as if that would make him a better person, Charles Taylor was a preacher (and close buddy with Rev. Jesse Jackson amongst others) and at one point even declared Jesus Christ as president of Liberia... and then how they cut in clips of combat action and guys running around with AK47s to somehow suggest that they put themselves in any real danger shooting their own footage... sorry for the rant, back to beaches:

    Island Room, Guinea

    Best swim I ever had was in a waterfall though:

    Chute De Saala, Guinea

  • the view from my chair on tamarindo beach, costa rica.

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    The Wedge, Newport Beach, California...

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    SportCasual said:
    CousinLarry said:
    Great Rock Beach on Martha's Vineyard.

    Love Cape Cod and Vineyard beaches, but my girl (SoCal born) thinks it is all BOR-RING. I dunno, perhaps it's all the deck shoes and sweaters tied around the shoulders. I would go back.

    Who has been to Bermuda? It must be pretty nice if Bloomberg is there every weekend.

    My mom got a job there when I went to college. I spent the summers there working and saving money. The rich assholes that live there in the summer can be a real pain in the ass, but the locals are great once you get to know them. It also took me a while to get used to the cold water too. It is a beautiful place.

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    I thought this thread would be a layup for our rap challenged antipodean friends. Oh well....

    I'm gonna rep this beach in Tenerife

    Mainly because the little shack serves this amazing salad. Most important ingredients are potatoes (island specialty) bananas, strawbs, onions, papaya, red pepper, white wine vinegar. I was skeptical at first but strawberry + banana + onion was really meant to be.

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    DOR is right about Thailand. if you like climbing adventures with your beach visits, railay beach in Krabi province is the place.

    @20mm || ISO200 || Canon 5D || Canon 17-40mm f/4 (" style="border: 1px solid #444;" alt=" - Daily Travel Photos">
    (Railay, Thailand)

    @21mm || ISO100 || Canon 5D || Canon 17-40mm f/4 (" style="border: 1px solid #444;" alt=" - Daily Travel Photos">
    (Railay, Thailand)

    be sure to ask the locals to take you to the lagoon if you go.

    Gaffler, glad you mentioned Assateague, my grandparents used to live on the eastern shore(virginia) when i was a kid and when we visited during the warmer months we would ask them to take us there. great childhood memories related.(thanks for reminding me)

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    Cisco Beach, Nantucket

    Great Point, Nantucket

  • SportCasual said:
    I thought this thread would be a layup for our rap challenged antipodean friends. Oh well....

    Some of my favourites ...

    From NZ these two are on Great Barrier island, amazing fishing out that way too ..

    Piha on the West Coast just out of Auckland

    Kare Kare, one south of Piha

    Matia Bay, towards the far north

    There are around 18,327 other beaches in NZ as well

    And in Sydney, Bondi Beach is an experience ..

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