Paypalchargeback with unexpected outcome. Anyone had this?

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Some dude from Cyprus (1 feedback) bought a record from me. Had sort of a bad feeling about him in the first place. Lame communication and several paymentrequests before he came through with the money.
Ofcourse, a little over a week later there's a message through Paypal saying he didn't get the record. I replied to his complaint extensively but no response from his side after this. Today Paypal asks me to supply additional information about the shipment, a confirmation that it was sent out etc.
I decided to phone Paypal directly about this. Dude I got on the phone was really helpful with this. I explained that almost nobody wants to pay for registered shipping, especially when the purchaseprice is low and that I had never encountered problems before since I registered with Paypal in 2002.
Dude said he was going to talk to his colleague. He came back on the line and said they were going to proceed with the chargeback but they were basically going to pay for it because I have been using their services for so long now and it was my first claim.

Anyone got into a similar situation like this?


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    That is the first time I've ever heard of that happening. Usually the buyer gets their money refunded, and will eventually get the record too. Assuming it wasn't lost in the mail and returns back to you 3 months later.

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    It's always best to get a human being on the line if you can.

  • I had something similar happen a couple years ago...a Japanese dude won a record, paid and I sent it. A few days later he emailed me and said his address was wrong in the paypal payment and the record should be sent to another address. I told him I had already sent it to the the address in the payment. Chargeback. It took me talking to someone on the phone, but they didnt honor the chargeback and gave me back the money. It did result however in a negative feedback on the bay as I guess he was mad he lost his money and never got the record, but it was his fuck up.

    Another person did a chargeback on me for a John Lennon bootleg... the dude argued it was a "bootleg of a bootleg" not an "original" bootleg...if that makes sense. Paypal reversed the chargeback and gave me the money as I did not mislead the customer in my description and he couldnt prove it wasnt an "original bootleg".

  • i had about 6 or 7 chargebacks in 6 years of selling and except one time where i lost the money the outcome always was like this, paypal paid the customer and me....
    i didnt even call them, you just have to be honest and explain why it isnt your fault when something is lost by the post office, worked every time....
    i guess they can afford it
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