Atlantic City - Record Stores???

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Assuming pretty much no -- but even in the surrounding area, perchance? Heading there this weekend - was hoping to pop into a few if there were any at all.


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    AC is beat for records.

  • certainly no record spots or record stores. and a pro dealer would starve looking there.

    i had a company car and went down there before a work event in 2007, had a little free time. the salvos and goodwills were beat, there was one big antique store southwest of the casinos on atlantic ave with a ton of books but closed that day that looked promising-ish. better yet on the east side was this place Miss Audreys (googled it), clothes and furniture store but there were some solid thelonious/miles/pharoah titles for cheap. bought maybe 30 records and found out a 2000 lp jazz collection had walked in earlier that week, im sure the good stuff was gone in a day. afterwards went a little east to a music store that only had cds and a giant pile of mexican techno 12"s..

    that sent me right back to the table games.

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    alrighty - and that takes care of that!
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