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    DocMcCoy said:

    Anyway, I'm veering well off-topic now and beginning to ramble, so...

    Naw, these are good points. My migraine is surely affecting my reading comprehension and thought processes today, but I think we really are discussing shades of gray.

    Most artists I know are creative in multiple mediums although they focus on one. I think an albums packaging is extremely important and should be judged as part of the ... album package. T-shirts are a great creative outlet. If Blackberry came at Diplo and said, "Wes, we really think you are a talented artist. Would you consider writing/directing/shooting/scoring (whatever) a TV commercial for us?" One, I probably would have enjoyed the commercial a hell of a lot. Two, I would have gained a lot of respect for Blackberry Inc. Three, it would have furthered the Diplo brand.

    This commercial did none of that. He was handed a script to read from and used as a fully replaceable cog in the machine. It's not a question of devaluing his art, this was void of art, an empty act. For him.

    I don't like third parties involved in anything. I'm fairly blind in this respect. I wasn't familiar with Kickstarter but I think it is great. But a temporary solution to a flawed industry. I agree with your worries here, and further than that it is another non-artistic thing that an artist has to do to get heard. As to where we are going in the distant future, I think the idea of selling recordings of musical performances as a way to finance said recordings will be short lived. What will replace it? Everything and anything else. I have no problem with a church paying Michelangelo to perform his art on their ceiling. In fact that is what I'm attempting to convey I'm in favor of.

    Whatever, this guys a celeb now. I shook his had a couple of times. That fact should help me at the bar tonight... Thanks Diplodocus!
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