What's your ULTIMATE vinyl "WANT" ?? Grail of all Grails.



  • upskibooupskiboo 2,396 Posts
    My number one grail want: an original copy of the wild style ost breakbeats record, i never seen this on sale anywhere, no popsike, not really googlable at that, cant even find a label scan anywhere (wtf) although i did see it in a book a few years ago..
    should also mention that i wouldnt mind grabbing placebos 1973 and ball of eyes in the field but that will never happen though!!!

  • upskibooupskiboo 2,396 Posts
    staxwax said:

    oh yeah.. THIS ONE TOO!!!!! ;)

  • Ulysses31nicholas said:
    black renaissance og, don cunnigham lp, the two alan tew libraries for Themes international, anything else he did (solo album called The Music Machine? ungoogleable.) Goya001. cosign on the pietro umiliani mentioned above

    I've got a spare copy of Alan Tew's Drama Suite part 2 on Themes.

    Send me a pm if you are interested.

  • rap master b "dj politician"

  • Would love to find any of these:

    Jagg - Take Time

    Mark IV - If You Can't Tell Me Something Good 12"

    is this the 7" version?

    First Class - Don't Listen To Your Friends

    Found this for $1, but I need to mint up. Found a skated copy in my records back home. Must have dug it up before really getting into 12s.

  • pointmanpointman 1,042 Posts
    DJ_WubWub said:

    So Good. Someone should shareth thy MP3 goodness.

  • still waiting

  • DeeRockDeeRock 1,836 Posts
    The-gaffler said:
    still waiting

    You have $2500.00? I can get you a mint copy.

  • LewisLewis Connecticut 101 Posts

    Jeffrey Turpin and Friends - Music For the Head
    anyone care to divshare?

  • mattBmattB (FTB) Anywhere 673 Posts
    oz days live w/ og cover

  • exte82exte82 202 Posts
    Betty Lou Landreth - Ya Ya (1979)

    This is my dream record!

  • is this the 7" version?

    Yes, this is the 7" version. Much better than the 12" and much rarer too.

  • wouldn't mind one of these..

    a bit out of my price range though.


  • leonleon 883 Posts
    tripledouble said:
    leon said:
    I will pull Shapes of Rhytm by Macdermott one day from the dollar bin. You might be standing by saying OOF.

    i did that this year! it was fun!

    OOF! Really? If you want to get rid of it you know who to PM!
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