heatwave, anyone?

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It's verging on unbearable in MTL right now. I haven't slept properly in days. The heat + humidity is silly.


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    Over 100 here for the past few days. No central air at the house. Shit is RAW.

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    I have no a/c, I have no central air, I have nothing. I can't get nothing done. Good practice for South America in the future I guess.

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    Here in B-More it's been 93 and above for 3 weeks now and 100+ for the past 3 days!! This shit is insane. Thank God my house has central air but I know our electric bill is going to be just as crazy, it's been running non stop!

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    I have a cold and a very sore throat - thank you overblown A/C on transit and in every building. My body can't adjust that quickly!
    The smog is not helping in the breathing department either.

    It's a pain being sick in this hot hot heat if for no other reason that I can't enjoy it!

  • been sitting at around 45 celsius [110f] w/ humidity the last 3 days.

    at 9am this morning, some of my workers were talking somethin' bout unfit working conditions, by 10:30am i had sent them home. to be honest, they're heroic for letting it go this long unsaid.

    shit is straight

    sitting in the basement right now hollering at a vodka perrier from a big glass boot usually reserved for the guest of honor.

    forecast doesn't say anything below 30 the next 5 days either.

  • bassie said:
    It's a pain being sick in this hot hot heat if for no other reason that I can't enjoy it!

    the heat or the illness?

    110+ in Phoenix these days.... thank god it's not humid. i cannot deal.

  • got a call from one of my renters telling me the AC wasn't working.

    showed up and the dial was set to 17.

    pipes dun froze up. thanks guys.

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    The heat! I love the heat!

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    I love the heat too, like that for most people uncomfortable heat heat, but this shit here in Brooklyn is ridiculous.

  • i'm having a hard time fathoming that its over 30 degrees after 11pm

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    I have been losing weight behind this shit.

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    the heat is ....


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    been 100+ and humid here in philly.
    i only got but two ceiling fans in my crib and they barely have any effect on shit. no ac.
    me and my housemate both slept on the roof last night...wasnt bad at all

    my cats look like theyre dying

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    Dry heat in CA. Hurts to stand outside.

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    walter_chron said:

    110+ in Phoenix these days.....

    I think the highest we've here in Tucson is 107 this year. That ain't sh*t, really. I'm sure we'll be at 118+ in no time.

    BRING. IT. ON.

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    walter_chron said:

    110+ in Phoenix these days.... thank god it's not humid. i cannot deal.

    Yeah, no probs with straight up hot. It's the humidity I hate.

    Miss the days of 110 in Phoenix and feeling alright in the shade. Zero humidity... I'd trade it for whats going on over here right now.

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    Duder, that mix is just what i needed, thank you.

    Holland finally getting some heat, over 35 tomorrow (dont care what that is in your satanic farenheit system), its hot, Dutch girls are wearing fuck all and riding around on bikes and we are set to win the world cup on Sunday.

    The best city in the world right now.

    water pistol fights with my sons, BBQ nights, I LOVE IT.

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    It has been hot as hell in Central New Jersey the past couple of days. The temperature shot up to 103 on Tueday, and in the upper 90s yesterday. Fortunately, we have central air conditioning in the crib, but it was murder walking across the parking lot at work. The heat from the sun reflecting off of the blacktop had me sweating like hell. I'm glad that level of heat has subsided.


    Big Stacks from Kakalak

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    Virginia is on fire. I can't remember another summer this hot. Thank god I have central air at home. I honestly couldn't live without it. My wife is 9 month pregnant so she is staying inside as much as possible. My car has no AC and that sucks, luckily the ac works in the car my wife drives.

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    yeah, Toronto is sticky-icky-icky. i normally bike to work, but if don't get out of the house before the sun starts shining, then i've just been taking the TTC because (as Bassie mentioned) they have ice-cold a/c going in their cars. i had a 90 minute soccer/futbol game last evening and we all left the pitch soaked and delirious.

    we've got a/c at home, but we recently started smelling a dead *something* (mouse?) under our floorboards...so it's been pretty uncomfortable indoors and outside.

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    Living on the top floor you can feel the heat radiating off the ceiling at night. Larry, I feel for your wife and not just because she's married to you. My wife gave birth in February, and was just saying yesterday how glad she was that she wasn't pregnant in this kind of weather. Gotta keep those babies cool.

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    were lucky a flood destroyed our old A/C in April...our landlord replaced it with some giant ass, super efficient cold maker. Usually our utility bill would be around $300-$400 during the months it was around a 100 degrees almost everyday...Ive been keeping the house at 69 during this past ass-kicker of a month(we had about 2 and a half weeks last month of 100 degrees with 70% humidity) and our bill was only $190. I laugh at the summer...until i have to go outside, or go to work, or go DJ in a dive...uggggh. But at least I can sleep like dead baby.

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    how can dudes live without A/C? they only cost like $120 new...

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    hahaaa, word to nzshadow...i wouldnt mind being in amsterdam right now. goddamn those ladies look god. go dutch for the cup!!! (i actually dont mind of spain wins either tho)

    i slept on the roof again last night, it was downright pleasant! breezy and cool. 90 degrees in the house

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    sabadabada said:
    Living on the top floor you can feel the heat radiating off the ceiling at night

    I live on 18, the top floor of my building. The bathroom is in the middle of the building, off the bedroom, with no windows, so they have a little vent that pumps air in for ventilation.

    In the midst of this heat wave, I realized the vent was pumping in hot air, rising up from the entire building into my bedroom. Sleeping with the bathroom door closed the last couple nights has the room 10-20 degrees cooler at night..

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