Favorite Mellotron songs

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I always forget how much Page and JPJ used it


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    The Lyman Woodard Organization ‎– Saturday Night Special

    this site is awesome...


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    Genesis - Watcher of the skies

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    The Court of the Crimson King by King Crimson

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    RAJ said:

    Genesis - Watcher of the skies


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    I love the way Herbie Hancock uses it on the Sextant LP, especially "Hidden Shadows":

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    Not a band I listen to much anymore, but that jernt still shreds.

    Final keyboard section = :next_level:

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    I like "Nappy Head Child" by Phil Moore, Jr. on mellotron. I couldn't find a youtube clip to post. I'll rip it and post it at some point.


    Big Stacks from Kakalak

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    Sunfade said:

    Pretty sure there's no actual Mellotron on this ... the "harpsichord" intro is a Lowry organ and the rest is pretty much guitar-bass-drums.

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    maldorurr said:
    Sunfade said:

    Pretty sure there's no actual Mellotron on this ... the "harpsichord" intro is a Lowry organ and the rest is pretty much guitar-bass-drums.

    Mellotron Flutes!!

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    Ahhh...that's right. It's Strawberry Fields. I do love that organ at the beginning of LSD though.

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    I think this video just gave me a fetish for chicks playing Mellotron. I'd blap x1000

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    Harvey, Best call in this thread. One of my fav songs!

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    I got to spend an afternoon noodlin' around on the mellotron used on that tune years ago

    a fave

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    I always loved the mellotron on the end of this because I never even really processed that it wasn't real voices until not that long ago. I guess I never really thought about it. I also posted this in the "Favorite Outro" thread awhile back. I love the way this song ends.

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    Lines Of Thought by The Rugbys has some nice mellotron. Tried to find a you tube video for it but all they have on this group is You And I, which sounds pretty identical to Ruth Copeland's I Got A Thing For You Daddy right down to the vocal delivery/cadence.

  • I think 2000 light years from home is definitely my favorite mellotron song.

    I'm pretty sure the flute and tape strings in this are all mellotron:

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