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    LONDON: A British computer company's advertisment seeking an applicant "preferably of Indian origin" has been dubbed racist by campaigners.

    The advertisement for the 38,000 pounds a year post was branded "quite clearly racist" by agitated campaigners who claimed it showed anti-British discrimination and urged the equalities watchdog to launch an immediate investigation, a daily reported on Thursday.

    The firm, based in Bristol, stated that it was looking for someone with a minimum of six years experience in IT. It said: "The person should be a UK citizen with security clearance from the UK Government. Preferably of Indian origin."

    The advertisement was for IT firm Torry Harris, which has bases in Bristol and India's Bangalore city. It declined to comment.

    IT consultant Vince Silva said: "I think it is appalling that applicants could be discriminated against in this way. It raises a question about the way some British companies are bringing in workers instead of recruiting them here."

    "We all know that times are tough in the recession, and surely we should be doing more to help our own people. I'm not knocking the workers from India - they can do a good job. It's the companies that should examine what they're doing," Silva was quoted as saying.

    Local MP David Davies said: "This is quite clearly racist. I have reported it to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission in the hope for once that they might take action against something that discriminates against most British people."

    "I call on the Equality and Human Rights Commission to show some resolute action," Daily Express quoted Davies as saying.

    Recruitment agency McGregor Boyall Associates has pulled the advertisement from jobsite.co.uk.

    McGregor Boyall Associates Managing Director Laurie Boyle said: "This was an error - a bad one, but the first of its kind we have made in 22 years. It was cut and pasted from material sent to us by a client in India. We have begun a review of all our systems to see what we can do to stop something like this happening."

    "We take steps to ensure that only responsible advertisers can upload advertisements. We don't check their content - that would slow down the process of getting them online for potential applicants to see. Under the contract we have with advertisers, they take total responsibility for the contents," said a spokesperson for jobsite.co.uk.

    A spokesperson for the Advertising Standards Authority said it would refer the case to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, which Wednesday night said it would look into the matter.

    The controversy follows an accusation against a supermarket supplier of discriminating against British workers by insisting recruits for production line jobs at a factory in East Anglia must speak Polish.




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    Manchester United are giving strong consideration to increasing season-ticket prices to help with the club's enormous interest payments, despite being acutely aware such a move would increase the sense of animosity that has led to fans protesting against the ruling Glazer family.

    The Glazers have begun discussions with the club's England-based directors about next season's prices, with an official announcement due in the next month, and the early talks have been geared towards United continuing their habit of making supporters pay more every year since the Americans took control in 2005.

    Season tickets have gone up by an average of 48% in that time, and by as much as 69% in some areas of Old Trafford, but the Glazers are said to be largely unmoved by the prospect of further antagonising the supporters, placing more emphasis on how to increase match-day revenue at a time when the club have ?700m-plus worth of borrowings and paid ?67m in interest payments last year.

    The alternative is that the Glazers freeze or lower prices, as they have done with their NFL team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but, as yet, that idea has been discussed only briefly. Indeed, there is a sense that the situation in Florida may push the Glazers further towards bumping up the prices at Old Trafford. One source close to the family explained their thinking: "Will the club's financial issues affect their decision-making? Yes. Will the current climate of the protests and support anger influence them? Not at all."

    United were the only club in the Premier League not to reduce or freeze season-ticket prices for the current season, when the trend throughout the rest of English football's top division was to recognise there was a significant threat of pricing supporters away from the game in a time of recession. Instead, the Premier League champions asked their 55,000 season-ticket holders to pay an extra ?1 for each match, calculating it would bring in an extra ?1m from their 19 Premier League home matches.[/b]

    That hike attracted strong criticism from supporters' groups and there was more anger in January when the Glazers launched a prospectus in January to seek ?500m worth of new bond loans. "While other Premier League clubs have experienced a flattening or reduction in ticket prices in response to the economic downturn, we were able to increase aggregate ticket prices for the 2009-10 season by 2.5%," it read.

    Season-ticket holders are currently paying up to ?931 and another rise would be "commercial suicide" according to Andy Mitten, the editor of United We Stand fanzine. "United are the best-supported team in the world this season but where there was once a waiting list for any season tickets, the continued price rises have diminished demand. Fans have been priced out to the point that we are now seeing empty seats inside Old Trafford for league games for the first time since 1992."

    The Manchester United Supporters Trust expects that many fans will not renew, adhering to the belief that if enough of them effectively go on strike it will affect the Glazers' business plan enough to persuade them to sever their ties with the club.

    This idea has the backing of the Red Knights, the consortium of businessmen and financiers led by the former United director Jim O'Neill and involving the former Football League chairman Keith Harris, who are trying to put in place a takeover deal[/b]. Their plan is to reward boycotters by guaranteeing them a season-ticket, at a reduced price, if their takeover is successful.

    Still waiting for the fairy-tale ending to this. When will the Red Knights come to the rescue? In the summer? During the WC when attentions are elsewhere? Before the end of this season, or at the start of next? Do you think they're going to wait and see what Man U do or don't win first, to push their cause?

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    Does anyone really care?

    Other than the anyone-but-Man-Ure posse who've given up on seeing them fail on the trophy winning side of things and are settling for financial oblivion instead.

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    I like the idea of Purple Nose throwing his hat into the ring, and declaring mutiny. Red Nev kissing the badge with tears in his eyes at a press conference. Zero transfer activity in the summer. Rooney doing one to Citeh. Daily Mail readers up in arms talmbout Americans asset-stripping England of decent chocolate, and then pricing-out those two Indian blokes in turbans who always have seats right behind the Man U dugout.

    The financial implosion thing will never happen though, will it?

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    The CL draw is about to start after much pointless preamble.

    You can watch it here .

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    Barca vs Arsenal
    Man Utd vs Bayern

    So it's Man Utd vs Barca in the final then.

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    If Van Percy is fit, and Silvestre isn't playing, and Clichy remembers how to defend, and Fabregas is healthy, and Bendtner is on one...

    meh. Prem title or nowt then.

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    So it's Man Utd vs Barca in the final then.

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    Should Bobby Zamora play for England?

    Yeah! 77% (1,774 votes)

    No! 23% (535 votes)

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    Gallas' 'indefinite' injury is bad news too, Sol Campbell vs. Messi, ugh.

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    Wenger wouldn't dare... would he?

    Song to drop back? Diaby & Eboue DM? Maybe give a player like Eboue the job of man-marking Messi.

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    I can't see him conceding too much, I expect the same formation as usual since anything else would be suggesting that Arsenal aren't able to do it 'the Wenger way'.
    Henry to play and be ineffectual and Sol Campbell to score the winner please.

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    Neutrally, I see Barca as favourites. Please t3h real U*ited to show up and make a game of it doe.

    Citeh next year, of course. To herald in the beginning of the nevar-ending sky blue dynasty deffo.

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    Partisanly Arse, I still see Barca as favourites

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    Will he rename the toilet block the Sean John?

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    'Last Train to Palace'

  • ZomBZomB 397 Posts
    Im sure didster actually thinks he's buying a palace made from crystal...

  • nzshadownzshadow 5,516 Posts

    would certainly be great to watch from afar.

    I wonder what the unifroms would be like under his reign.

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    he thinks he can enter the glamour football world
    but is buying a sinking ship for 360M euros

    Jordan paid a hundred mill less to be sole owner of the bobcats that are somewhat succesful

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    Gallas' 'indefinite' injury is bad news too, Sol Campbell vs. Messi, ugh.

    Gallas' injury, while indefinite during contract negotiations aimed to suggest he is getting too old and warrants an adjusted salary, will surprisingly heal much quicker over the next 2 weeks.

    should be a great game. IF[/b] gallas is back and fit, i think arsenal have an alright chance.

    Henry O.G. at the Emirates - making him AFC legend.
    Cesc hat trick at Nou Camp - making him 100M for real/fcb to buy this summer

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    Does he realise teams get relegated here? In American sports, you can finish dead last, and get the first round draft pick as a reward. How many seasons would it take to get Palace back into the Prem? How much money would Diddy be willing to sink into this?
    Personally, I don't believe he will. Looks like a publicity stunt.


    I'm still turning over the Barca vs Arse thing, and reckon Wenger could do worse than play Eboue or Sagna at LB against Messi - Messi is always going to try and play the ball onto his left foot, which would favour a right-footed defender.

    Any Bayern/Bundesleague fans here able to speak on the chances of an early bath for Rooney & co?

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    Cesc hat trick at Nou Camp

    What are the odds of this? Put down the crack pipe.

    Messi hat trick at the Emirates?

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    Henry wins it in the last minute with a handball.

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    would certainly be great to watch from afar.

    I wonder what the unifroms would be like under his reign.

    oh. my. gawd. the thought of diddy in croyden has me in hysterics. oo trace yer look well brannar. av u been on hols?

    the central irony is that despite his douchness diddy isn't half the prick that simon jordan is.

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    Adebayor to score winners in the league games against Manure & Chelski.

  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,537 Posts
    Cesc hat trick at Nou Camp

    What are the odds of this? Put down the crack pipe.

    After the Burnley game, what were the odds of Bendtner scoring a Champs League hat-trick?

    I'll have some of that pipe

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    I love how this thread turned from the OG posting.

    Why America never fell in love with soccer
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