• can one of y'all just go on kijiji and pick one out for me? i'll take some cash out and go pick that bish up. like..... cott DAMN i'm in way over my head here. went 'round the bicycle place in town here [which is admittedly pretty bougie] and i think bike store guys may be even more hilariously aloof and sardonic than any record store nerd. i gave gas face and told them to go wash bottles in the creek. back to square one.

    edit: can i get.... like.... a name brand...... to look for? 26"? 28"? carbon? aluminium?

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  • well, we might as well blow up ONE of the threads.... i mean, the jurassic park OST came out on wax today and i didn't hear a single thing about it.

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    i've decided to jump in feet first and build. haven't settled on a steel frame yet (still need to sit on a few more pre-builts at the LBS, so getting there...)
    I'm going to try to cobble together a groupset from ebay/new parts. Clearance stuff, etc. Get something solid. Possibly go new on the heavy wear/tear stuff (BB/cassette/maybe headset). I can always rebuild hubs and straighten a decent wheel set if i can locate a good used set.

    Carbon fork on a steel frame: yay or nay? Obv. saves weight, but what's the downside (aside from tire clearance-- but i've seen some carbons that will take up to a 32c)? Will it destroy the road vibration absorbing qualities of steel? Will it get too "twitchy" (not that I'd be able to tell at first, haha.) Will an everyday 10mi commuter not notice and should just get whatever is most cost effective?

    Facing headtube and BB before assembly: necessary or upper-echelon non rael world move?

    I think I'll opt to run some framesaver through there. It's so cheap, why wouldn't I?

    Anyway-- doing a ton of research so far-- seem to have it narrowed down to 4 options and will (hopefully) be able to locate some fully-builts around to take them out for a spin.

    hey VI: I've got a really shitty Trek hybrid old man bike that I'll be looking to sell for cheap soon. Plus, you wont care much if it gets ripped off. I'm only on pp28 of this thread because I read something about pics that were supposed to be here... I'll wait.

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    carbon is really good at damping road vibrations too. You can put a carbon fork on a steel bike no problem, I see that all the time. Most common on aluminum bikes though. 10 miles each way commuto-bike though--get whatever fits best, f the materials.

    headset tools are the mark of a raoul hedd of the bike wrenching game. I have chain whips cassette tools a work stand all the everything sizes but I'll probably never have a headset press or a reamer. I see wheel truing stands more often than headset tools. If you need to put in a star nut or join the ream team I'd say just bring your frameset into the shop with a six pack and try to catch a dude real quick to help you. That's a pretty expensive and uncommon tool. I count myself lucky to know two dudes with headset presses. My main dude has a DAG (derailler adjustment guide. gauge?). Those are rad.
    Bike tools!

    here is my updated "oh I didn't think I'd be into it but now I can't live without it" list of mountain bike things:
    work stand.
    hitch rack.
    dropper post.
    and the most recent: chamois cream. been riding a LOT lately. ouch.

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    and 27.5" wheel. holy shit.

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    yeah, the headset press work was likely to be handled by the LBS.
    facing though: so-necessary? I guess I can have the LBS check on it and chase the BB while they're at it.

    As for expensive tool stuff I don't already have, I've had good experience with

    As a dude, they just leave me alone and let me do my thing. I couldn't imagine being a lady goin in for a simple flat fix or whatever-- all those lonely volunteers swarm. Six guys to fix a flat, heh.

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    My friend just had a bumper replaced on her car. Shop did it wrong and she went in there to put blastocity upon them. Said the dude smirked for the entirety of her tirade, and winked when she left.


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    16 miles at lunch and 8 each way to work and back.

    I scoff at Le TdF etc...

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  • batmonbatmon 27,574 Posts

    Winner from Holland

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    I'm getting this one tomorrow.
    All-City Mr. Pink. Columbus Zona Steel.
    Perfect combo for everyday city riding and 40+ mile rides on the weekends.
    I can't wait.
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    ^ dope

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    So, not to be a downer, but I took a nasty fall last night. Stitches, broken bones, etc

    Any advice on how you get back on the horse a few weeks hence?

    For now, I'm on drugs & couch & World Cup.

  • JimsterJimster 6,901 Posts
    Mineral suppliments!

    And ting...

    Basically these and plenty of 'em. Got my old bones fused quick as a teenager!

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    gareth said:

    For now, I'm on drugs & couch & World Cup.

    There's a down-side to this???

    Living the dream man, living the dream.

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    gareth said:
    So, not to be a downer, but I took a nasty fall last night. Stitches, broken bones, etc

    Any advice on how you get back on the horse a few weeks hence?

    For now, I'm on drugs & couch & World Cup.

    Sorry to hear that man. Hope you're feeling better soon. I don't have any experience with bad falls. I know it'll happen at some point, unfortunately.

    Make sure you rest up and don't rush back to working/biking. Until then, drugs.

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    Depends on a lot of factors but I'd say take it easy. You can ride a bike forever. Pretty low-impact. Don't rush it!

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    batmon said:

    Never in all my days have I seen a spectator lot this caliber at a bike race. NYC rules. My gawd.

  • dukeofdelridgedukeofdelridge urgent.monkey.mice 2,453 Posts
    OF. Of this caliber.

  • JimsterJimster 6,901 Posts
    I couldn't ride full-speed past such pulchritude.

    Especially not in lycra.

    This is obviously the sole reason I let Wiggins and dem get those gigs.

  • HollafameHollafame 844 Posts
    uumm...I dunno. Do a quick google image search for Peta Todd, Mark Cavendish's wife ;blap:

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    What do you all think of SE Bikes? This is ideally how much I'd like to spend on bike that doesn't suck

  • kitchenknightkitchenknight 4,922 Posts
    The bike I crashed in my post from a page back was an SE Draft that I bought used in 2009 and had served me very faithfully since.
    That was a great, low maintenance bike, and gets my recommendation.

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    How's the healing going Gareth?

  • kitchenknightkitchenknight 4,922 Posts
    Good, initial shock subsided.

    Foot not broken, as initially feared, facial bones will not need surgery. I'm still sore and bruised, but nothing time and beer and drugs won't fix.

    Got the stitches out today, and my scar will look bad-ass. A career in liquor store stickups awaits!

    Gonna take the bike in this weekend to get re-alligned, doesn't look too damaged.

    Thanks for checking in!

    Worth noting- accident was 100% my fault. I wasn't paying attention, drifted more than I thought and hit a concrete barrier. All on me.

  • gareth, if you're laid up for a long time, watch your food intake. I jumped 4 pant sizes in 5 months! soup is your new best friend.

    sucks you bailed so gnarly, hopefully you're back at it soon

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    Can we get VI an effin bike yet?

  • BeatChemistBeatChemist 1,465 Posts
    Glad to hear no breaks Gareth! You seem to have the right attitude to get well ASAP!

    Jo*l, wtf dude thought you were joining my crew!?!

    I got a new saddle. No more spending money on this bike. Bike #2 is next. singlespeed and fixed gear forum dudes laughed at Lucy a bit when I posted her in a thread there. I felt like I was someone new to the Strut asking for sample sources. There are varying degrees of nerdery for any topic you can think of online... lol
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