Dub recommendations?

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Ok. I admit it. I'm not very well versed in dub music. I basically find this shameful because a lot of my own music is very dub influenced, in terms of production techniques.So hit me with some classics to check out. I'm looking for some bowel-moving bass and thundering drums.


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    I'm not much into reggae or dub music because it sounds so similar to me but this album kills it!

  • alieNDNalieNDN 2,181 Posts

    this was my intro to king tubby, its a compilation, and really cheap at the ole hmv if u can spot it

    * Zion Dub

    * Sound Boy Massacre

    * Drop Dub

    * Waterhouse Rock

    * Farmyard Dub

    * Herbal Dub

    * Dubbing My Baby

    * Shining Dub

    * Laser Rock

    * The Border

    * Conqueror Dub

    * Dubbing It Right

    * The Best Is Lose

    * Blow Down Babylon

    * African Roots

    * Dub Of A Woman

    * Dub Experience

    * A Truthful Dub

    * Watch This Version

    * Dub You Can Feel

    * Roots Of Dub

    * King Tubby's In Fine Style

  • This LP is very definitive... as far as single tracks go, def in my top is "King Tubby Meets the Rockers Uptown", the Augustus Pablo version side of Jacob Miller's "Baby I love you"...

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    tribesman assault
    roots of dub - prince douglass / wackies

    scientist / jammys big showdown - greensleeves

    star wars dub - burning sounds
    kings dub - manzie
    scientific dub
    my computer is acting strange - mad prof
    electric robotic orchestra - ariwa
    raiders of the lost dub - mango
    + so many more

    maybe easier to list suck ass dubs
    (sly & robbie dub on ras, etc)

  • as previously seen in the Lee Perry thread

  • mimmim 44 Posts
    if you like ill shit, don't overlook Spectre

  • i dunno man, i revisited spectre second coming, recently, and that shit is garbage, i don't know how i ever liked it, try this though

    and of course dj spooky has some great dub shit as well.

  • coffinjoecoffinjoe 1,743 Posts
    how could i forget
    Prince Far I - Cry Tuff Dub Chapter 4 (daddy kool or re-ish)
    with Slits singing backup & outer space metal noize,
    messes me up everytime

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    perhaps no one wants to mention the obvious stuff,
    but almost any of the Blood & Fire catalog would be a good start.
    Simply Vinyl just repressed quite a few of the better titles.

    King Tubby and Friends - Dub Gone Crazy, Dub Like Dirt
    Horace Andy - In The Light Dub
    Keith Hudson - Pick A Dub
    Scientist - Dub In The Roots Tradition
    Congos - Heart of the Congos (not really dub, but close enough for our purposes)

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    DJ Spooky vs Twighlight Dub Circus:Riddim Clash is a good newer album.

    Dillinger: Dub Encounter

    Prince Far I : Cry Tuff Dub Encounter I, II, III,IV

    Also Prince Far I -Cry Freedom Dub

    There are many, many good dub albums out there. This thread makes me want to take Sunday Morning Bong loads.

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    The fact that I was listening to "Bellhead" by Liquid Liquid while looking at this avatar caused me to become completely and unshakably entranced for almost 4 minutes...scary...

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    and of course dj spooky has some great dub shit as well.

    I think I just heard KL choke on his red stripe and oxtail.

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    Modern dub.

  • coffinjoecoffinjoe 1,743 Posts


    K is the don gorgon !!

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    And no offense meant to anyone, but recommending DJ Spooky to someone looking to explore the best in Dub music is like recommending Tom Jones records to someone who wants to learn more about soul music.

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    hold up,

    you must check out this website. perfect place for beginners!!!!


    they have everything you need (except the og's!!) search dancehall by rhythm, buy dub by the pound.

    obviously if you are new you should start snatching up mid 70's kingtubby & lee perry records without hesitation. blackboard jungle dub and king tubby meets the rockers uptown should give you a foot in the door. then you have the dub gone crazy comps for tubby, shit is retarded. get with some augustus pablo records (especially his 1st!!) get the congo's lp for an example of how vocal groups get served at the black ark. order some hydro, you got yourself a summer plan.

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    ...rockers uptown is the fucking shit!

  • SoulOnIceSoulOnIce 13,027 Posts
    Oh, and looking for images to post, I came across this awesome Slideshow Of Dub LP Covers!

    Plenty of recommendations to be had just by watching that.

  • For newer stuff this one is pretty good..

  • coffinjoecoffinjoe 1,743 Posts
    For newer stuff this one is pretty good..

    i second that, i mostly hate mod dub
    checked it last night on 3rd street
    surprised how nice it was

    jammy appears to like it too

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    How do I get these HTML links to work? I thought I did it this way before????


    the extention of the links should be ".jpg" not ".html"

    Thanks, K.

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    Don't listen to too much heavy 80s shit, it'll send ya.

    I like the oldies

    Heptones. You should be able to pick this up quite easily

    This one not so. The original, and dope, but not really that dubby.

    Same with this but it does it for me.

    This is pretty much what you need

    Apparently not an orthodox choice, maybe it's to happy or funky, but I like it.

    And if Spooky gets a nod, then this can too. Play it in da club.

  • BeatChemistBeatChemist 1,465 Posts
    Yo I just wanted to thank everyone for their help. I was away most of the weekend, but I'm going to be checking into a lot of the stuff recommended. It's this kind of knowledge sharing that I think makes this board so great.

    Thanks again.

  • roistoroisto 879 Posts
    Maxi Millian The Emperor Of Dub: Heavyweight Dub

    Bunny Lee: King Of Dub

    And all of the Rhythm & Sound / Burial Mix dubs released in the late 1990's / early 2000's

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