The Mother.Frickin' Gaslamp Killer



  • nzshadownzshadow 5,516 Posts
    Never heard of the guy until this thread.

    Watched the videos on youtube.

    fuckin great.

    And this one, at .39 had me laughing out loud.

    More humans like Willow plaese.

  • verb606verb606 2,518 Posts

    More humans like Willow plaese.

    I'm realizing now that while planning my wife's birthday part via email last week, I should have been addressing our group of friends in the emails as "birthday bitches." What a missed opportunity.

    I like this dude.

  • verb606verb606 2,518 Posts

    sorry for the latte pas, but is that Malcom Catto joint he's shouting out that 10" that Cosmo (was it Cosmo?) was raving about a while back? Either way, that shit is ridiculous.

  • dgriotdgriot 388 Posts
    where can i get the Malcolm Cotto 10"

    only link provided here was dead and where i work never restocked it

    is it safe to say it is no more??

    I bought my copy from a few weeks ago; they still seem to have some in stock.

  • dmacdmac 472 Posts
    Very animated !!

    Am I the only one reminded of:

    And that's definitely good.
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