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just did another mix of my latest aquisitions ... mainly weird rock, prog, psych, funky things etc... i shoehorned some charity shop breakbeats into a little segment in the middle as i had nothing else to do with them and they were just sitting there!! also, it gets pretty rocking towards the end. let me know what you guys reckon...>>> download here TRACKLIST:1. BARIS MANCO - olum allahin emri 2. BOB GAUTHIER - funky junkie3. SWEETWATER - windlace4. JULIE DRISCOLL & BRIAN AUGER - indian rope man5. DYNASTIE CRISIS - le corbeau et le renard6. C & K VOCAL - ram pristich obrazu7. EDWARD H DAFIS - calan gaea8. THE SWEET - the juicer9. UNITED STATES OF MAERICA - coming down10. THEO SCHUMANN COMBO - don gil11. GEORGIE FAME - no thanks12. 4 INSTANTS - bogattini13. FLAMINGO GROUP - big chain14. GAL COSTA - vou recomecar15. CAETANO VELOSO - alfomega16. BERGENDY - tramp17. CCS - tap turns on the water18. DEMJEN FERENC - hintalo19. KLAUS WUNDERLICH - summertime20. POWER & THE GLORY - jesus21. EDDIE JOBSON - trapped22. FINNIGAN & WOOD - laughing eyes23. SARLOTA ZALATNAY - it would be nice24. BREAKOUT - gdbys kochal hej25. CYRUS FARYAR - drivin' daisy26. ELECTRA COMBO - uber feuer27. THE PLASTIC COW - spinning wheel28. FUSIOON - farsa del buenvivir29. SAM UL LIM - frustration30. SECOS & MOLHADOS - assim assado31. OS MUTANTES - panis & cirencis32. JERONIMO - heya33. BILLY BOND - tontos34. THIN LIZZY - the rocker35. APHRODITES CHILD - you always stand in my way36. TIM ROSE - hey joe37. TRAVEL AGENCY - make love


  • PonyPony 2,283 Posts

    What's the tune with that bad-ass piano intro? Opening lyrics "Whoa, are we movin' too slow". Lost track of the song numbers.

  • hammertimehammertime 2,389 Posts
    thanks for sharing...d/ling now. Looks based on the track listing.

  • PrimeCutsLtdPrimeCutsLtd jersey fresh 2,632 Posts
    gonna check it out... thanks. This is one of the reasons soulstrut is

  • akoako 3,409 Posts
    some AMAZING songs on here. shit id never ever heard before.

    excellent mix.

  • i'm glad soulstrut is enjoying it .... best played LOUD i reckon.

  • What's the tune with that bad-ass piano intro? Opening lyrics "Whoa, are we movin' too slow". Lost track of the song numbers.

    sounds like you're talking about GEORGIE FAME - "no thanks" --- dancefloor destroyer that one. the dude has done so much amazing stuff.

  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,451 Posts

    let me know what you guys reckon...

    Nah, it's shit mate.

    You manage to find an og Catano Veloso, or are you playing the Tropicalia comp like me? Never seen an og for sale myself. Great tune, I'm sure I'll like this mix as much as your other ones.

  • all OG vinyl. no comps or reissues

    edit: the GAL COSTA and SECOS & MOLHADOS are 80's issues.

  • JuniorJunior 4,853 Posts
    Looking forward to listening to this. Thanks pencilface

  • The-gafflerThe-gaffler 2,190 Posts
    arggggh what was i thinking yesterday? i forgot to download this.

    i just picked up that Breakout album too.
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