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    more pictures por favor.....imma go home and take some myself.

  • djsheepdjsheep 3,640 Posts
    a few more...

    Boo Boo McAfee & Mcafee's Breeze
    Weldon Irvine - Spirit Man
    Air - Self-Titled
    DJ Quik - Quik Is the Name
    Les Gants Du Diable OST
    London Transport - Sonimage Library

  • spivyspivy 866 Posts
    mark il poliziotto ost- stelvio cipriani
    christening for listening
    candombe for export vol.2- alberto dogliotti
    solar flares- sven libaek

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    oh yeah! i was going thru my photobucket and forgot about this gem i found!

  • BsidesBsides 4,244 Posts

    Fuck C***s I need a cover for that Brothers record. It shreds.

    the cover is unfortunately the only thing about this 12' that shredz, thought i'd post it, seems to be somewhat stockcover related...

    i need to hear that brothers record.

  • DJ_EnkiDJ_Enki 6,471 Posts
    For hip-hop stuff:

    Eric B & Rakim--"Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em" LP version 12-inch

    What's the deal? Promo or...? I knopw the official 12" only has the 2 lesser remixes...

    Promo-only, I think. And Rendered somewhat obsolete by Microwave, but still a great song.

  • Because of numerous good finds this year, I limited to "less than 3 euros" finds!

    Here's the TOP9 of the category:

    Nice stuff! I found that Ronald Mesquita at a thrift as well for 1 euro. Also picked up that Perez Prado double set at a Paris fleamarket for 2 euros. Great record as it includes his rare Love Child album.
    How much was that Platano record?

    1.5 euros, same source as the Perez Prado, Roland Louis & Exile One, a former journalist. Incredible lot (TNTH, Melody Nelson, Streaking..), all LP were this price. 45 (inc. Ben & Platano or Supsonic..) were 1 euro, picked up something like 350 records!

  • SwayzeSwayze 14,705 Posts
    I'm not really a guy for wantlists and rares that much but here's a few 45s and LPs that I was really happy to get hold of and really enjoyed:


    Almeta Latimer "Tobacco Road" - really good take on this song, great voice, she has a rarer record "These Memories" that I would love to get hold of but goes for $$$$

    Otis Gayle "I'll Be Around" - beautiful soulful reggae tune on the Studio 1 Soul comps I think, over the same instrumental as Johnny Osbourne "We Need Love"

    Bobby Powell "Peace Begins Within" - don't know much about this, funk tune I heard on Gilles Peterson a while back

    Charles Whitehead "Between The Lines" - off RJD2s mix "Your Face or Your Kneecaps"

    Bill Quick "Maravillosa Gente" - folk song in English, from 1972 on Spanish label Explosion dedicated to the people of Madrid apparently

    Two reggae singles I picked up but don't know anything about but really like:
    Joe White "Give And Take (On Both Sides)"
    J Frankie/The Agrovators "Ghetto Feelings"


    Frank Foster "The Loud Minority"
    Archie Shepp "Four For Trane"
    Charles Mingus "Black Saint And The Sinner Lady"
    Elvin Jones And Richard Davis "Heavy Sounds"
    Billy Gault "When Destiny Calls"
    Richard Davis "Philosophy of The Spiritual"
    Fela Kuti and The Africa 70 "Shakara"
    Johnny Osbourne "Truths And Rights"
    Bunny Wailer "Blackheart Man"
    The Congos "Heart of the Congos"
    Erasmo Carlos "Sonhos E Memorias 1941 - 1972"
    Jorge Ben "Tabua De Esmeraldas"
    Mary Lou Williams "Zoning", "Free Spirits" and "Mary Lou's Mass" (still no "Black Christ of The Andes" though)

    A lot of these aren't rare or anything probably quite standard but I enjoyed them all the same.

  • best buy

    charles (mr cc) carlson - she's not to blame/i don't want to sit down - bold 45

    best find

    was the blue kats - be bop a lu la/oh yeah - gaity 45

  • yuichiyuichi Urban sprawl 11,330 Posts
    Not necessarily the most expensive, but some of my favorites.

  • E_DailyE_Daily 812 Posts
    Head West
    Young Ideas
    Lifeline Breaks

  • dec0ndec0n 38 Posts

    Found this on December 31st, made me happy ^_^

  • cpeetzcpeetz 2,112 Posts

    Some of the pics that were still kicking around in my photobucket...
    All in all it was a pretty good year.

  • These would probably be the highlights...

    I'm gonna add these to my non-egay findz of the year, among many more.
    In the immortal words of Della Reese "it was a good year"!!!

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