Oct 13 Denver Record Convention

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So whos goin to this? Im driving in from outta town to attend.. anyone in the yale/universtiy area wanna carpool w/ me so i dont have to take the car (for the day) from the fam? peace.


  • I used to go to this twice a year, but now I only go if the mood strikes me. They get so crowded these days, it just doesn't always feel worth it. I hit the cheapo bins under the tables and dip, for the most part. Funny thing is, I am literally moving to Yale and University this weekend. I was thinkin' of going for an hour or so on Sunday if I have the time. If you PM me your name/number, I will give you a call if I decide to go.

  • SyminSymin 999 Posts
    would it be worth it to roll from santa fe?
    from the sounds of G_Bandillio's description i think the answer would be no.
    anybody disagree?
    anybody wanna carpool?

  • It's barely worth it to drive from South Denver if you ask me.

    I don't know, it's unpredictable, there'salways a couple new dealers and always the same old dudes. Local stores show up sometimes and sell off shit you never saw in their racks, etc, and I think it depends on what you're looking for. I find random shit in the budget bins every time I go and that's the only real reason I go in the first place because I don't have big $$$ to pay dealer prices for records I don't want all that much. You can definitely find some shit and the $2 entry fee is certainly worth the experience if you've never been. Just don't be surprised if it's overcrowded and stuffy.

    I think a drive from Santa Fe is kinda nice regardless. Get a telly in Denver and party for a night and then go back or something.

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    The Denver Show is a good time.
    Not too many jerks.
    Lots of people go half price about 1 hour before closing too rather than cart all thier stuff back up the mountain (where many reside) with them.
    Good bargains can be had.
    Many dealers dont like to really deal at the Denver show because they think they can get better prices/more motivated buyers in Autisn the following weekend.
    Compared to other record shows ive been to in bigger cities, the Denver one is pretty mellow and easy.
    Nice people run the show as well and the vendors are a pretty colorful bunch.

  • SyminSymin 999 Posts
    i think im gonna let this one pass by unless i can find someone to roll with me. If im going, anybody want to hit up that vegan pizza place near capitol hill after the show?

  • allright, one bump before the weekend arrives..
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