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    DJANNA was just saying that the book was crazy, but all I have seen is a 20 minute video version that I didn't think was all that impressive although very bizarre.
    I cannot even vouch for it's authenticity. I will say that there appears to be no props, actors, or digital trickery and very little editing if any. Whatever it is they are filming is real and happening live on film. The video is public domain and readily available if you search hard enough. I got my copy by going to Acqlite (or limewire) and typing "Illuminati".

    The main bulk of the video is footage from a hidden camera stashed inside a dufflebag and hidden in clothing etc..
    The video depicts a "resort" type place in the woods of northern California that resembles a KOA campground. Everyone is adult and male and wearing suits or dress shirts and ties etc.. The 2 men filming are posing as guests and get confronted & interrogated numerous times by security in suits looking like secret service etc.. There are strange tall statues of owls carved from tree stumps that are the meeting place for bizarre nightly rituals that resemble theatrical performances/opera/bizarre seances/etc.. After 2 or 3 days, the 2 men get discovered and kicked out.

    I have viewed hours of similar material on the subject of the New World Order and I cannot say how much, if any, of it is factual. I have also heard every president as long as I can remember mention the New World Order.

    The thing is.....bizarre or not, most of the predictions and revelations have come true over the past 10 years. I have always had the "believe it when I see it" attitude. But now I am seeing it.

    Personally I do not need any books, videos, or websites to know that our government is corrupt. The proof can be found throughout history and is right in front of our eyes on a daily basis.

    Check out "Waco The Big Lie" if you get a chance. You will trip out.
    And can somebody hit me off with volume 1 of this?

  • Algarth, if you research the original illuminati, I think they were a group with a positive goal. I'm talking Adam Wieshaupt's Illuminati, the original Bavarian Illuminati.


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    tune in to channel zero

  • tune in to channel zero

    Are you talking about the channel zero with that bitch Barbara Walters, or the one where a sister hopes for the soaps?

    BTW, who the hell is that a picture of? Canibus?


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    I don't doubt for a second that they feel what they are doing is positive.
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