MEATBALLS SPAGHETTI (80's cartoon related)

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does anyone remember this cartoon??? it aired in the early 80's... most likely early saturday mornings. it was called MEATBALLS & SPAGHETTI and it was one of those cartoons based on a fictional rock band or something. i don't think it even lasted a year... i am desperately seeking any footage of this cartoon... if anyone knows of a site that has episosdes streaming or for download or whatever, please let me know. i am particularly looking for one episode where one of thse guys [i believe it was MEATBALL] started singing some song about "give me some tacos, burritos, and hot sauce!"... i'm beginning to wonder if i just imagined all of this since i must have only been about 3 or 4 when i would've seen it. any help is appreciated.


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    that cartoon series was awesome. on of my favorites. the produced it for two idea what happened to it. no footage online :-(

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    i watched danger mouse at that time too. really funny. and trashy.

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    here's a german site with some info. no links to clips.

    Meatballs & Spaghetti Episodes

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    ok... well, at least now i know i wasn't just making that cartoon up... it's amazing how little info there is out there on this cartoon... i'm really hoping someone actually ripped some on a torrent site or sumthin...
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