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DivShare File - JKNOWLEDGE-UNTITLED.mp3this is a mix i made with mostly soulstrutter made music(dj day, meatyogre, sixtoo, maker,controller 7,d.castillo,rehash, dextah,etc) plus a few other like minded artists(cut chemist, dub diablo,jon kennedy, exile, jel, mhe,dj format, blockhead etc.)you can call it instrumental hiphop or blazing downtempo, i dont give a fuck. i just call it dope. its 30 something tracks in 60 something starts off mellow..............please enjoy, criticize or post one up yourself.


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    DJ Enki--"Get It Straight"

    45 minutes of late '80s/early '90s hip-hop, recorded in 2002 and rediscovered on my hard drive a couple months ago. Download link and track listing are on the linked page (as well as a shitload of comment spam I have to clean out when I get home from work)

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    this shit is mad old.. but all i have online at the moment:

    01. Klash intro
    02. Run D.M.C. feat. Yellowman - Roots Rap Reggae
    03. Daddy Freddy feat. Tenor Fly - Ruffneck Nuh Ramp
    04. DJ Rewind feat. Elephant Man - Ridem 2
    05. Fraga Ranks - Heat
    06. Wicked Scorpion & Ruder Ranks - Long Cocky Man
    07. Mad Lion - Take It Easy (KRS-One mix)
    08. Raggamuffin Sound interlude
    09. ODG - Little Stereo (intro)
    10. Method Man - Bring Da Pain
    11. KRS-One Mad Lion & Shaggy - Ey Yo (The Reggae Virus)
    12. Tenor Saw - Ring the Alarm (Hip Hop Mix)
    13. Mad Lion - Real Ting
    14. Smif N Wessun - Soundbwoy Buriell
    15. Mr. Vegas - Jacket
    16. Shabba Ranks - No Bother Dis Soundboy
    17. Shabba Ranks - Original Woman (Da Rockwildin Mix)
    18. Method Man & Redman - Da Rockwilder
    19. Stama Ranks - Warning!

    Hit me up on slsk in the soulstrut room for the tracked out zip: ini_kamoze

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    jeremy - off the radar Jan '07

    ~60 min of some stuff i was diggin early this year.

    dont have a tracklist, but its got ish like, cool in the pool, the slits, a 4hero marcos valle rub that is nuts, and some gal costa stuff.

    its all over.


  • I taught myself how to use Ableton live while making this mix. Mostly reggae, some hip hop remixes.


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    i got a couple pms from btrue to re-up this mix, so this seems like a good place to throw it:

    Neighb'rhood Childr'n-Long Years In Space
    Quatermass - Punting
    Ufo - Unidentified Flying Object
    McDonald And Giles -Tomorrow's People
    Pax -Exorcism
    Manfred Mann - Snakeskin Garter
    Sapphire Thinkers - There's A Woman
    Stone The Crows - Ode To John Law
    Impala Syndrome - New Love Time
    Arzachel - Queen St Gang
    Patto - You, You Point Your Finger
    Annette Peacock - pony
    Darius - DON_T_YOU_FEEL_ME
    Secos e Molhados - Delirio
    Ghetto Brothers-03-Got This Happy Feeling
    Elektriktus - Electronic Mind Waves
    The Love Depression - Gon??na Ride
    Neon Pearl - Urban Ways

  • YNOTYNOT in a studio apt mixing tuna with the ramen 417 Posts
    Download some old stuff here

  • Bit of an easy listening effort .. a couple of oddball things in there, and some beats Mr Jeigh posted here ages ago, lots of these records came from thrifts, I'm not a super duper DJ but this came out 'aiight

    [1] Jerzy Milian - Niesmialy Chlopiec
    Jazz Co-op - In your quiet place
    Move Two Mix - A hymne to God the Father
    All that Jazz - Night People KPM 1014
    Quincy Conserve - My Michellechan
    George Golla - The Dancers
    [2] Bob Barnard - Old Mirkbo Reach b/w Swan Hill Settlement
    Mr Jeigh - Bus Driver
    Sue Barker - Whats going on
    Ballarat & Clarendon College Concert Band - Birdland
    [3] Slawa Muza
    McNeal & Niles - Untitled
    Blerta - Organism
    Ariel - Illicit Love
    Diplodocus - Time is weak
    [4] Mr Jeigh - Teenage glove b/w Looking for someone
    TV Themes Orchestra / Sven Libaek - Theme from Woobinda
    Hugo Montenegro - Hair
    Arthur Lyman - Taboo
    Mikey Dread - Saturday night style 4AM 53S
    Tapper Zukie - Ghetto rock
    [5] According to John OST - I am the voice/Behold the lamb
    Billy Thorpe - Out on the streets again
    Tony Ansell Orchestra - Heading in the right direction
    Crossfire - Roll your ivory dice
    Glen Carter 5 - Yesterday
    The Band of the Royal Australian Engineers - Spinning Wheel
    104MB/224k/60 minutes/5 seperate 'tracks'

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    I put this mix together to add some excitment to Eddie Harris' The Reason why I'm talking Shit album.

    Side B only:
    mixdownfull.mp3 - 33.31MB

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    Rub Radio[/b] "History of Hip-Hop Vol 7: 1985"

    Run DMC "Together Forever (Krush Groove 4)
    LL Cool J "I Can't Live Without My Radio"
    Steady B "Just Call Us Def"
    Superkids "The Tragedy (Don't Do It)"
    The Treacherous Three "Turn it Up"
    Toddy Tee "The Batterram"
    Kurtis Blow "If I Ruled The World"
    Mantronix "Fresh Is The Word" feat. MC Tee
    Marley Marl "Marley Scratch" feat. MC Shan
    Stetsasonic "Just Say Stet"
    Run DMC "King Of Rock"
    Jazzy Jay "Cold Chillin In The Spot"
    Schoolly D "PSK"
    Supernature "The Show Stoppa (It's Supa Fresh)"
    The B-Boys "Girls (Pt. 2)"
    Bad Boys feat. K-Love "Veronica"
    Cutmaster DC "Brooklyn's In The House"
    Grandmaster Flash "Larry's Dance Theme"
    Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick "The Show"
    Tricky Tee "Johnny The Fox"
    Sparky D "Sparky's Turn (Roxanne You're Through)"
    Korner Boyz "It's On (Jazzy Jeff Scratch)"
    Run DMC "Darryl & Joe (Krush Groove 3)"
    Roxanne Shante "Bite This"
    Whistle "Nothing serial (We're Only Buggin')"
    Word Of Mouth feat. DJ Cheese "King Kut"
    Rockmaster Scott & The Dynamic Three "Request Line"
    Masterdon Committee "Funkbox Party 2"
    Rockmaster Scott & The Dynamic Three "The Roof Is On Fire"
    Egyptian Lover "Computer Love"
    LL Cool J "That's A Lie"

  • This is more of a compilation I made:
    Check it out!!! Track listing and artwork included...

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    kinda half-assed bay rap mix i started a long time ago:

    Too Short - Short But Funky
    Ant Banks feat. J-Dubb and WC - Hard Knox
    Gangsta Rhyme Posse - Skunk
    Spice 1 - Sucka Ass Ni**as
    Mac Mall - Sic Wit This
    E-40 feat. Spice 1, Mac Mall and 2Pac - Dusted and Disgusted
    Goldy feat. Too Short - The Game is Sold Not Told
    Dre Dog - Piece of Mind (acapella)
    Dru Down - Deal Went Bad
    IMP - Shining Star
    Too Short (interlude)
    Too Short feat. 8Ball & MJG - Don't Stop Rappin
    Luniz feat. Redman - Hypnotized
    Little Bruce - Mobbin' In My Old School

    GB Bay area rap mix


    rare disco & other late 70's funk.

    REALLY take the time and check out lynn's site if you haven't been there before. lots of good mixes, & the design is sick.

  • bthavbthav 1,538 Posts

    rare disco & other late 70's funk.

    REALLY take the time and check out lynn's site if you haven't been there before. lots of good mixes, & the design is sick.

    whoa.. site is sick! good looks!

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    I put this mix together to add some excitment to Eddie Harris' The Reason why I'm talking Shit album.

    Side B only:
    mixdownfull.mp3 - 33.31MB

    this is nice and funny, whats the story behind this?

  • Recorded December of 2006. Mainly disco jams w/ a some broken beat thrown in there.
    Download at:

    Brian aka Dj Bluz

    1. Context ???I Don???t Need a Band???
    2. Dennis Coffey ???Wings of Fire???
    3. Gibson Brothers ???Ooh! What A Life???
    4. Fatback Band ???Lookin??? for Love Tonight???
    5. Dj Woodo vs. J Loop ???J Station???
    6. Ahzz ???New York???s Movin???
    7. GQ ???Disco Nights???
    8. Ron Hall & the Muthafunkaz feat. Mark Evans ???The Way You Love Me??? (DIM???s TSOP)
    9. ???Darling I Love You??? Underdog Edit
    10. Theo Parrish ???Early Bird???
    11. Bugz in the Attic ???Once Twice???
    12. Alice Russell ???All Over Now???
    13. Simon Grey ???The Galactica Suite??? (Domu mix)
    14. Colonel Red ???Sanctify??? (Alex Phountzi mix)
    15. Simbad ??? Soul Fever??? remix
    16. Alister Johnson ???Like A Star???

  • BurnsBurns 2,227 Posts

    rare disco & other late 70's funk.

    REALLY take the time and check out lynn's site if you haven't been there before. lots of good mixes, & the design is sick.

    whoa.. site is sick! good looks!

    that is unique! feel like I'm in a candy store window.

    Hip Hop Mix from '03-'04ish

    Just Like Crack Pt 1

    Just Like Crack Pt 2


    a mix i throwed together last summer..heavy latin, obscure spanish shit...55 min...90s hiphop, bboy type shit...

  • I made this.
    Its kinda half playing library LPs, the other half me processing them, more or less.

    Sixtoo - It's The Mindfuck, Yo! Sit Your Ass Down! (minimix fan cd, Bully Released 2006, maybe still in print!)

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    I think I did that in 2003 or 2004 :

    50min' Jazz mix by SLurg

    Brian Auger : Inner City Blues
    Sarah Vaughan : Inner City Blues
    Grover Washington : Inner City Blues
    Ruben Wilson : Inner City Blues
    A Tribe Called Quest : Youthful Expression
    Ahmad Jamal : Peace At Last
    The Politicians : Free Your Mind
    Hank Crawford : Sho Is Funky
    Cal Tjader & Charlie Byrd : Tambu in 7/4
    Caetano Veloso : Quem Cochicha O Rabo Espicha
    Deodato : September 13th
    Lee Dorsey : Get Out My Life Woman
    Bill Cosby : Get Out My Life Woman
    Jimmy Smith : Get Out My Life Woman
    Eddy Harris : Lovely Is Today
    Les McCann : The Morning Song
    Billy Butler : Other Side Of The Sky
    Odetta : Hit Or Miss
    Joseph Farrel : Upon This Rock
    Paul Mc Cartney : Momma Miss America
    Julie Driscoll : Light My Fire
    Al Green : Light My Fire
    Shirley Bassey : Light My Fire
    Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band : Light My Fire
    Astrud Gilberto : Light My Fire
    Eldie Young & Isaac Holt : Light My Fire
    Jos?? Feliciano & Minnie Riperton : Light My Fire

  • wooshiewooshie 490 Posts
    sixtoo, this mix is

    I like how you haven't over done the processing too.

  • "Viva Gozadera"[/b] is my latest. did it about a month ago. Brazilian and Latin[/b] beats, old to new...

    as single MP3, click here

    for a zip file broken into tracks, click here


    1. Luiz Bonfa - "Bonfa Nova"
    2. Marcelo D2 - "A Procura Da Batida Perfeita"
    3. Curumin - "Guerreiro"
    4. Stereo Marcana - "Onde E Que Tu Ta
    5. Jorge Ben - "Sou Da Pesada (7 Samurai Rmx)
    6. Emilio Santiago - "Bananeira"
    7. Edson Frederico - "Bobeira"
    8. Cut Chemist - "The Garden"
    9. Osvaldinho Da Cuica E Grupo Vai-Vai - "Vendaval"
    10. Antibalas - "Che Che Cole"
    11. Red Astaire - "Tito"
    12. Louie Ramirez - "The New Breed"
    13. The Latin Brothers - "Son Del Caballo"
    14. Hector Rivera - "Llora Como Yo"
    15. Andy Harlow - "La Musica Brava"
    16. Calle 13 - "Atrevete"
    17. Fulanito - "Suave"
    18. Blanquito Man, Control Machete & Carlos Pe??a Y Su Ronda Bogota - "Cumbia Sobre El Rio"
    19. Quantic & Nickodemus - "Mi Swing Es Tropical"
    20. Los Amigos Invisibles - "Esto Es Lo Que Hay (Reggaeton Rmx)
    21. Rodolfo - "Anito Viejo"
    22. The Lat-teens - "El Nuevo Swing"
    23. Sidestepper - "Campo"
    24. Beatfanatic - "Jogando Capoeira"
    25. Troubleman - "Toda Hora (ft. Nina Miranda)"
    26. Bebel Gilberto - "Aganju (Rmx)"
    27. LTJ X-Perience ft. Joe Bataan - "Ordinary Guy (Latin Club Edit)"

    p.s.- Tom Noble, that mix is fire (just from what I've heard so far), and thanks for dropping that link

  • sixtoo, this mix is

    I like how you haven't over done the processing too.

    Thanks man, glad you enjoyed.

  • mordecaimordecai 2,204 Posts

    rare disco & other late 70's funk.

    REALLY take the time and check out lynn's site if you haven't been there before. lots of good mixes, & the design is sick.
    tracklist? there are some songs late in the mix killin me right now
    any of the other mixes like that stuff? uptempo with breaks/breakdowns?

  • p_gunnp_gunn 2,284 Posts
    vaguely psych mix with a lot of people not singing in english...

    no reissues used, for anyone who cares about stuff like that

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    Damn... y'all are straight killing it. I got enough music to last me the whole work week. Thanks!

    Here's my latest in case ya missed it...

    Funky Penguin

    Rufus Thomas - Funky Penguin
    Clarence Reid - Masterpiece
    Isley Brothers - Work to Do
    Sisters Love - Give me Your Love
    Tony Newman - Soul Thing
    Sylers - We Can Make It If We Try
    Charles Wright - Express Yourself
    Freda Payne - Unhooked Generation
    Laura Lee - Crumbs Off the Table
    Nite-Liters - Dreams to Remember
    Jackson Five - I Want You Back (Z Trip Remix)
    Sleeve - My Life
    DJ Day - Outro
    Poets of Rhythm - More Mess on my Thing
    The Meters - I Need More Time
    The Supremes - Love the One You're With
    Gene Chandler - In My Body's House
    Honey & the Bees - Love Addict
    Johnny Cameron - Funky John
    Dap Kings - Nervous Like Me
    Bar-Kays - Holy Ghost
    John Ellison - You've Got to Have Rhythm
    Explosions - Garden of Four Trees
    Cool Sounds - Where Do We Go From Here
    Eddie Kendricks - Someday We'll have a Better World
    DJ Day - What Planet What Station
    Jackson Sisters - I Believe in Miracles
    Quantic - Sound of Everything
    Shirley Bassey - Spinning Wheel (DJ Spinna Remix)
    Sergio Mendes - Superstition
    Funk Shone - Purification
    James Brown - Get Up Offa That Thing
    Joseph Henry - Who's the King
    Unaio Black - Been so Long
    Exit 9 - Fly
    Christy Essien - Rumours
    Fred Hughes - Don't Let This Happen To Us
    Skull Snaps - I'm Your Pimp
    Erma Franklin - Change my Thoughts From You
    Nicole Willis - If This Ain't Love
    Sharon Jones - Just Dropped In
    Joe Bataan - Cycles of You
    Curtis Mayfield - Move on Up

  • RAJRAJ tenacious local 7,780 Posts
    Here is a set I did for Waxingdeep last year. I intended to go back and do some more work on it and release a CD, but I just don't have the time. I also have been getting a lot of requests for a set list and decided to sit my ass down last night and take some notes.

    So -- here it is. A fine blend of disco rap, prog, electro, modern soul, golden era hip hop, wedding band soul, breakz and more.


    First Love (Intro)
    "Petit Sekou" - Orchestre Bembeya Jazz National
    "Hang Loose" - Don Thompson
    "It's Your Turn" - M.C.B.
    "Time Centre" - Hawkwind
    "One for the Treble (Fresh)" - Davy DMX
    "Universal Love" - Woods Empire
    Spooks in Space edit
    "Family Rap" - Family
    "Hittin' Harder" - Too Fresh
    "West Oak Lane Jam" - Klassy K
    "The Easton Assassin" - The Sunburst Band
    "Shake it Down" - Pyrymyd
    "Catch a Groove" - Juice
    "This is a Party" - Radiance
    "This (Def Jam)" - Jazzy Jay
    "Hot Disco Night (Are You Ready?)" - Sweet Patato Pie
    "The Brain of Oskar Pinizza" - Michael Bundt
    "Never Gonna Give You Up" - The Hi-Lads & A Lass
    "Sunday Morning, N.Y." - Rod McKuen
    "The Masquerade is Over" - David Oliver

    DOWNLOAD - 100 MB

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    there was a mix hosted on the front page a while was someone from the West Coast...Seattle or Portland maybe?

    it was a rock mix

    started with a song that went something like "driving in my carrrrr"

    anyone got that?
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