Cool like dat and American Idol

Sun_FortuneSun_Fortune 1,374 Posts
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What was that??Oh and they forgot the line "I'm black like dat."Dont pretend you dont watch the show.


  • djstefdjstef 534 Posts
    By muppets! It was like a really bad dream after eating nachos from the 7-11 on San Jose Ave at 2 am.

  • Tuff_GongTuff_Gong 627 Posts
    Yeah, I was at the gym tonight on the elliptical watching American Idol and that Muppets doing Digables thing came on... It seemed oddly ironic in light of the Digables thread the past couple days. My head started to hurt trying to figure out which muppet was which singer.

  • Sun_FortuneSun_Fortune 1,374 Posts
    I've successfully/unintentionally combined two posts that I thought were forgoten. Damn, I actually need to work on music.

  • rpmrpm 144 Posts
    it was terrifying and flavor, all at once ... i couldn't really believe what i was seeing.

  • DelayDelay 4,530 Posts
    that was bannanas. Came out of nowhere. is there a video circulating online yet?
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