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  • Cedric Brooks - I'm Flash Forward LP, original JA Studio One

    bout to twist some trees I think.

    That was 'po to go down *before* Cedric hit the Technics.

    Think it didn't when it did?

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    Ann Dee 'Woman in a mans world'

    Seems to be an undocumented Axelrod production.

    Anybody else know anything, or heard this record?

  • dude!! both of those are fuggin sick!!! The Rail Band is soooo damn raw and the Kene-Star De Sikasso I only heard a small clip from on some ebay auction. I was outbid for $$$. But it was


  • nice one.

    i brought out ornette coleman- shape of jazz to come for the young bucks at work today...they dug it. i always like to throw something on and yell: "schools in!"

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    First: This VU Acetate

    Next: My new $3 (NM, in shrink) Honky Tonk Popcorn LP

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  • listening to some paul weller jammies. his style council shit is on point.

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    van morrison bang masters on repeat

  • Bravo, Day!

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    B.G & Dresta - Every Day All day

  • Right now I'm listening to this Heartbeat compilation of early pre-dread Bob Marley/Wailers cuts ('64-'66), and as God is my witness, I keep hitting clicking the "repeat" button on "Go Jimmy Go" and "Teenager In Love"..."Jimmy" is this insanely corny 1950's pop-rock song by New Orleans teen idol Jimmy Clanton, "Teenager" is the enduring doo-wop classic by Dion & the Belmonts, and neither song, on paper, seems like the type of thing you'd associate with Marley & co., but holy shit they're tearing these songs up. Marley didn't even bother to doctor the title from "Go Jimmy" to "Go Bobby" or something (although he changes "I told her when it comes to dancing" to "...when it comes to SKA"). And he keeps repeating the same verse over & over! (On "Teenager" they just rewrite the whole thing altogether, keeping only the chorus.) I'm not ripping these to the iTunes, 'cause I don't know how these songs will hold up over the long run, but as of midday Friday, these weird oldies-but-goodies tributes from Jamaica are killing it. I can even hear Marley's "Teenager" as a fluke US hit (back then, of course, but it's obviously too late now).

  • DeeRock's Funk 45 mix off KXP...melta de facea.

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