Six Songs That Kill You



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    i just realized that Rabbath LP you posted a pic of has the same track listing as the Bass Ball LP I have...both on Philips...strange.

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    irma thomas - wish someone would care

    bitty mclean - walk away from love

    slim smith - keep that light

    ken boothe - lonely teardrops

    grambling state university's tiger band - ball of confusion

    ike&tina - i've been loving you too long

    edit - these are not recent finds. sorry to stray from the original task

  • Hallelujahs - Green Lovers

    Marcos Valle - Voo Cego

    Takami - track two, side one, second (?) album

    Konrad Schnitzler - Gelb 7

    Alou Fane & Daouda Sangare - Mougnou Koro Kadi

    Hara Ghash - Life Is An Illusion 

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    John Lucien- Search For The Inner Self 

    William Bell- Every Man Needs a Woman 

    George "Wild Child" Butler- Hippie's Playground 

    The Jazz Crusaders- Freedom Sounds (Live) 

    The Swordsmen- Hip Thang 

    The Rev. Maceo Woods- Helllo Sunshine

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    I just wanted to add props to whoever thought this thread up... It's been fun listening to all these..

    - spidey

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    1 Joe Panama - Soul Sister

    Mellow latin soul, ultra-fine and super-sublime

    2 Howard Tate - I Learned It All the Hard Way

    This has to be one of the best deep soul tracks ever cut

    3 The Sensational Cymbals - A Son's Dream

    funky raw gospel, dude's vocals at the end are psychotic

    4 The Wasters - Accept My Love

    cheapie beat ballad of the week

    5 Cheyenne's Coming - Dream Street

    multi-racial ensemble funk

    6 Jimmie & Vella - The Door is Open

    folky psych funk

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    antony and the johnsons - blue angel

    sweet timeless genderless ethereal devastating

    The Beau Brummels - just a little

    awesome oldy '65 trippy rock

    the teddy bears - to know him is to love him

    cold war kids - we used to vacation
    i'm squeezing the final drops of juice out of this one before it gets played out

    shirley butler - i really REALLY need you

    leroy hutson - love the feeling

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    devotion - earth wind & fire

    but beautiful - nina simone

    i'll be a liar - betty harris

    summer breeze - main ingredient

    collage - james gang

    run around woman - triston palmer

  • I've been mainly listening to entire albums lately at home, but as far as individual songs, I'm gonna go straight to my office iTunes:

    Mike & the Ravens "Goodbye Mary Jane" 

    (frat rock raunch from the early sixties, but with a melancholy feel) 

    Mitty Collier "Share What You Got" 

    (desperate sounding southern soul; William Bell did it originally, and his version isn't bad, but Collier OWNS this number)

    Billy Boy Arnold "I Ain't Got You"

    (Chicago of the few left in town who doesn't do rotten blooze-rock, Buddy Guy-style)

    George Strait "I Ain't Her Cowboy Anymore" 

    (gimmicky title, I know, but the giggles turn to tears after you learn that George's ladyfriend is getting tired of him for no apparent least he's not the last to know)

    Bobby Wisdom "Handwriting On The Wall" 

    (white soul singer on the Renfro label, ca. 1960's...same plotline as George Strait's song, only without the silly "cowpoke" metaphors...ol' boy tears it up, too: "I see the SIIIIIIIIIIGNS...the handwriting's on the wall!!!")

    Bobby Patterson "Keeping It In The Family" 

    (more soul from below the Mason-Dixon)

  • Dave Van Ronk "Green Rocky Road" 

    Daves well known but some of his songs are just so intense - yet light at the same time. it literally sounds like morning in the woods or something.

    Francoise Hardy "There But For Fortune" 

    off one of her WB albums. spooky.

    Justice Department "It Could Be More Beautiful Than Life" 

    from a random 45 i found. i think this is a gospel group but this is one of those great soul/gospel/doesnt matter songs. the echo efx on the vocals bring this into lightly psychedelic soul land.

    Sammi Smith "Lonely Street"

     anyone looking for strongly produced very emotive early 70s country, dont sleep on Sammi...

    Shopping Trolly "Bring Back The Mary Hopkin Days"

     late 80s UK band, heavenly vocal gal. Weird... beautiful...Mesmerizing!!!

    Talk Talk "After The Flood" 

    the closest thing to a LSD trip this side of 1975. check that beat! the sax "solo" is a mindfuck. apparently they recorded about 200 takes on 128 tracks and it took months to edit it down, dropping tracks in and out of the mix. this song defines 'epic' to me.

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    Sorry I'm late, but here are six songs that kill me (at the moment):

    -"Let Me in Your Life"-Bill Withers (this song is so pretty and quaint).

    -"The Truth Shall Make You Free"-King Hannibal.

    -"Love is Life"-Earth, Wind, & Fire.

    -"Peace in the Valley"-The Gospelaires from Dayton Ohio.

    -"Be Grateful"-Walter Hawkins and the Love Alive Choir.

    -"Give Me a Clean Heart"-The Gospel Keynotes.

    Honorable Mention: "In the Upper Room"-Mahalia Jackson.


    Big Stacks from Kakalak

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    This is a late night/insomniac/we don't need another woebegone song post made up entirely of "weird looking dudes with beards" b/w "(dude, i'd fuck her) sweating girls who sometimes wear lipstick and frilly shirts, but always deliver ruggedness, just check their pipes."

    The dudes with beards? They will likely get the collective ehhhh from the soulstrut intelligentsia. "Not funky enough." Well, here's something... I'm not doing this for you, see, I'm doing this for me. So, when you're listening to these songs, please don't think of you, think of me. (Like my man says: Leave me be/ I was in love once, too/ And I know what it's like/ And I don't need this/ Shit from you/ I don't/ Listen to no one/ So why should I?/ They're all LIARS! --[instrumental refrain]-- So now you wanna talk/About what we claim to be/ I'm not thinking of you/ I'm thinking of me/ If that bothers you/ Then leave/ Leave me be/ 'Cause it's all shit/ And you should know...). And besides, the killing songs exemplum is not geared towards getting open on breaks or crucially classic slept-on shit, it's about what's killing you, that is, me (These songs ain't cherries. You can't pick them. They picks you. That is, me), and what's killing me (remember those what's killing you? threads lily used to make over there?) is some dudes with beards and warbly voices. Oh, and some sometimes lipsticked chicks.

    About the chicks. Sure, they're quite possibly cute or blappable or worthy of more attention than you've given Anna Nicole Smith, but that's not the point, either. Think of them (her) like a hotrod convention at the coliseum. You and your dudes standing around looking at the engine--hoods up--on some greasemonkey shhh-rude-ness. "Check out the pipes on that one!" The pipes, man, the pipes. That's what's killing me. (And that Fender with the duct taped strap.)

    There's something to be said for the time (currently 3:09 am) and the amount of bird references in this post (insert JRoot's: "If the wedding goes awry, there's always birding"), but that birdcallingcode is, as of now (currently 3:10 am), indiscernable. Suffice to say, birds mean something right now. Ask her.

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    Cerrone - Générique B.M. II

    Cosmic disco with a Love’s Unlimited flair

    American Football - Never Meant

    Emo guitar drones

    Clausel - Let me love you

    Lade back funky modern soul.  Sooo good.

    Eric Tagg - No One There

    Mixture of Stevie Wonder and West Coast AOR.

    Hal Bradbury "You Win, I Lose"

    More Yacht Rock Madness

    Carl Wilson "Heaven"

    More Yacht Rock Madness

  • Ok...Girl Why You Wanna Make Me Blue-Temptations...Skylark-Aretha..Little Boy Blue-The Impressions..I Can't Find-Smokey..I'm Still Waiting-Patti Labelle And The Blubelles..When You Walked In-The Five Royales.

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