Prefuse 73 Appreciation Thread.



  • the second lp was absolutely horrible..


    I just wanted to let you know that I disagree with you-
    I thought One Word Extinguisher was beautiful and still sounds fresh after repeated listening.

    Vocal Studies had some interesting bits but I could never really get into it.

    Haven't heard the new album yet.

  • noznoz 3,625 Posts
    i think that the "extinguished" companion ep is the most enjoyable prefuse work. mainly because everythings like a minute and a half long and doesn't get too repeative too fast.

  • slushslush 691 Posts
    my favourite rap track he did was the five deez faceless remix. does anyone know what that sample is? it really clangs like a bunch of dragons are having a parade with cymbals

    i like the new album. not all of it but some of it. the two tyondai braxton tracks, the two on!air!library! tracks... the linda perhacs track. the shaolin finale is beautiful as well.

    looking forward to seeing him live, but moreso to see battles open for him. they are crazy good.

    i dont really hear the datedness of his old stuff though? im feeling really 2001 guys.

  • slushslush 691 Posts
    i like the track with vinia mojica

  • Sun_FortuneSun_Fortune 1,374 Posts
    the five dees remix is sampled from, I believe and smack me if I'm wrong, Medeski, Martin and Wood. Can't remember the album. 47% sure.

  • slushslush 691 Posts
    shit son for real
    shit son

  • Sun_FortuneSun_Fortune 1,374 Posts
    yeah, now my own curiosity is piqued. I'll pm you if I can figure it out.

  • kinda dug some of the bits on the outtakes record.

    havent paid any attention since.


    For me the Outtakes record is the most listenable, I don't know why.

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