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    Used to make "pause" tapes back in the day. Friends used to trip on how everything just mixed right together when all I was useing was a double cassette recorded. You get really good at manually rewinding tapes to just the right point!! And of course I thought I was the only on doing it until I heard stories from people like Mix Master Mike talking about doing the exact same thing.

    Ahhhhhhh, the good old days these little munchkins will never know!!

    i too thought i was the only one.

    your post put a wry smile on my face this morning.

    hooray for tapes.

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    It is just not the same making mixes on mini-discs or cds.
    Nothing beats the effort that went into making mixtapes. A girl I know just got a car with a tape deck in it, so i gots to put together a proper mixtape.

    I always preferred 60 min tapes to 90mins. And hated the 74s (they were just made for CDs).

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    Yea I rock an ipod....so my wife asks if she can throw away my 19 year old sony sports walkman... Hell No!!!! You never know when you need to rock the cassettes. Plus having a piece of audio equipment actually last that long is amazing anymore...Hell the duct tape keeping the cassette window closed is at least 15 years old.

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    Would that be Dj Serious??

    It would be.

    It was early/mid 90's and was an early beat. Thing was niceeeeeeeee

    I really wish I had that tape!

  • The girl I've been dating for a few months wanted me to find her one of those mini-stereos for her apartment, but she absolutely insisted that it have a tape deck. If it didn't have a deck, she wanted no part of it, no matter how good a deal I found for her.

    Needless to say, now I'm halfway through a tape for her.

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    Anyone here miss the mixtape? You made a mixtape to give to a girl you had a crush on. You headed over to your homies to make a mixtape of his records. You graffiti'd all over the cassette and made your own cover art with fold out panel. The awful hiss of fourth generation dubs. Rewind, Fast Fwd. Putting scotch tape over the holes so you can overdub for the millionth time because you are too cheap to buy more cassettes. Hearing the old mix bleed through the silence. I miss this shit.

    I still rock a Walkman when I'm out on foot. Cassettes were/are the shit, and folks in this thread are right: CDs just can't fuck with 'em.

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    mixtapes still sell in Japan of all places. Lots of shops and record labels will do small limited runs of them. The ones I want to hear the most are tapes put out by Especial featuring people like Dego, Rainer Truby, etc, etc....

    ask paul or chan about muro's tapes, he still puts them out consistently.
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