Nice & Smooth Appreciation Post

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One of the greatest rap records ever made.Two of the greatest entertainers to grace a stage.Made so many killer jams.Greg Nice steals the stage even as a hype man (for the Beatnuts)Who disses Nice & Smooth? Suckers, that's who!


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    Yeah i gave them ratings the first time i heard them on "Pimpin' ain't easy"
    They make a good combo.

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    having troubles over at the derm?


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    It's largely slept-on, but Jewel of the Nile is some of the best shit ever--end-to-end burner, absolutely. I learned a lot about writing from those guys in general, and from that album in particular.

    I bring drama like Prince
    Been rippin' microphones
    (How long?)
    Ever since
    Web-O boots and Lee suits
    three-card monte and prostitutes
    Get down
    I stain like ink
    Comin' to your rescue, just like Linc
    Tuesday night on my way to the rink
    Bag me a dime piece dressed in pink

    And that was two years before Ironman. Fucking genius.

  • i am one of the sleepers, no doubt. I'll have to pick up a copy on le cheap.

    I wish i could find the lyrics to the Spanish Fly remix of "hip-hop junkies".

    Orka fue un great big whale

  • "Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick"



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    according to the book Def Jam Inc., these fellas are hella hard to work with.

    but respek.

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    Make sure you get it on cd, though (sorry, soulstrut)--the "No Bones" remix is non-negotiable.

  • according to the book Def Jam Inc., these fellas are hella hard to work with.

    I don't know what this really has to do with their music.

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    Pimpin' Ain't Easy

    (From the album "IT'S A BIG DADDY THING")

    Anything goes when it comes to hoes, they go:
    Pimpin' ain't easy (Pimpin' ain't eeeeeee-zyyyyyy) 6x

    [Greg Nice]
    One-two-three-four, to five-six-seven
    eight, nine-ten, then ya got eleven
    Twelve, thirteen, start your age;
    fourteen-fifteen-sixteen, the pubic stage
    Like an apple, like a cherry, like a peach, like a plum
    better get off the virgin before I cuuuuum!
    Pick up my pants and thump and thump
    I think I'll call up Tootie, she'll give me some
    Watch out, watch out I'm drippin' live scum
    I say damn, I love the way I make my posse roll-a
    'Specially if the hoochie's on birht control-a
    Lift her up just like a pick up truck
    then I sat her down and we started to fuck
    Made whoopie, made whoopie, made whoopie, YO-O-O-O-O!
    I hope this time I don't make a cookie
    Brothers everywhere be callin' me a rookie
    Two from the Greg Nice from the o-o-old schoooooool
    but bullshit, I ain't no fool, cuz
    [Big Daddy Kane]
    Well, I say...Extra! Extra!
    Here is a bachelor comin' straight at ya
    I see trim and bag it, take it home and rag it
    the Big Daddy law is anti-faggot
    That means no homosexuality;
    what's in my pants'll make you see reality
    And if you wanna see a smooth black Casanova -- BEND OVAH!
    Cuz I don't half-step when it comes to broads
    The K-A-N-E 'll go the whole nine yards
    There's no time for coversation my dear
    [MOAN!] is all I wanna hear
    So let's make a move, as I get smooth
    cuz the purpose I serve is to soothe
    I'm tall, dark and handsome and all that junk
    Even white girls be sayin' ";Ooh, Kane's a hunk!";
    Even Puerto Rican girls be callin' me papi
    Some try to copy, but they look sloppy
    So imitators who wanna step to a
    brother like me, lick my manure!
    [Smooth B]
    I'm just goin' and I'm flowin' like a gigolo
    and when I used to be with Scott, I was a Super-Hoe
    But now I'm coolin' with Kane and Greg N-I-C-E
    and if the girlies want my tip they gotta pay a fee
    I love bonin', and all my friends they will agree
    that when it comes to pimpin' ain't easy
    First name: Smooth. Last name: B
    WHen I'm bonin' a girl, I make her feel heavenly
    I like to make 'em wait, and then make 'em beg
    and when I take off my clothes, the I form a third leg
    They rub it with oils and suck it with ice
    Now I'm mind is in paradise...
    [Scoob Lover]
    Tip-tip-toein', Scoob Lover's out hoein'
    Braggin' to the fellas how my flattop was growin'
    buyin' drinks for the ladies, money I was blowin'
    right in front of me...mmm...not even knowin'
    A brown-skinned cutie; big, plump booty
    Nametag earrings readin' off ";Tootie";
    Bullseye, bing, the girl of my dreams;
    from my eyesight that was what it seemed
    I said, uh, ";Come a little bit closer";
    To Scoob that night, choice guy, she said ";Hi
    Hi...hi, I've really been wantin' to meet you
    I just got paid and I'll be very glad to treat you
    How 'bout dinner, a Salisbury steak?";
    I said, ";Sorry Honey-Dip, but I already ate";
    So I nudged the other girlies off my shoulder
    went for Tootie cuz the girl was much older
    East to the Benz, I slowly walked;
    clearing out my throat so I cold start my smooth talk
    Sex in my mind, I was sure of it...
    I wanted to tax that ass like the government!
    [Ant Live]
    Well, it's Friday night, ain't a damn thing funny --
    Bitch better have my money

  • Spanish Fly remix of "hip-hop junkies".

    THE party starter of '91 - then DWYK - WHUT?

  • magneticmagnetic 2,678 Posts

    At the beginning of the vid the ayo factor is very high.
    I've never seen this, youtube got it all.

  • pknypkny 549 Posts
    Who loves Popeye?

    DWYCK, Hip Hop Junkies, Old to the New, No Bones in Ice Cream, Funky for You...soooo many dope cuts.


  • Two of the greatest entertainers to grace a stage.

    I wouldn't go that far, but when I saw 'em a few years ago at Southpaw they did rip it up, especially Greg Nice. Dude was moving so spastic it was practically turf dancing.

  • At the beginning of the vid the ayo factor is very high.
    I've never seen this, youtube got it all.



  • Two of the greatest entertainers to grace a stage.

    I wouldn't go that far.

    Yeah man I really think so. I mean, they're up there with any hip-hop group to me.

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    "Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick"
    yes. caved and got this last week.

    "hip-hop junkies" is an all-time fav.
    old to the new is good stuff too...
    and dwyck of course.

    isn't there a 90s indy/underground 12" by Greg Nice? whats it called?

  • magneticmagnetic 2,678 Posts

    "Down The Line" is one of the greatest posse cuts ever made.(I always wanted to hear that Bas Blasta album)

    "How to Flow" was a hot single also.

  • isn't there a 90s indy/underground 12" by Greg Nice? whats it called?

    I dunno - Smooth B and Primo teamed up a couple years ago. Anyone hear that?

  • mordecaimordecai 2,204 Posts
    isn't there a 90s indy/underground 12" by Greg Nice? whats it called?
    I think this was it.

    "Set It Off"

    any other later stuff i should check by them?

  • nice appreciation, I'm pretty sure Greg Nice is a clinically proven method to beat depression.
    I'm also pretty sure that Greg Nice would be a great choice as a jumpstart to a benefit or fundraiser.
    That guy could say anything and make it, schools should commission that guy to get kids to learn more.
    Like...okay im done.

  • no delayin' is that song.

    [Greg Nice]
    Hey yo, kickin wicked rhymes like a fortune teller
    Had a dog by the name of Old Yeller
    Old, Yeller, had a fiendish plot
    Schemed and dreamed, for me to make a knot
    Ever since then booties clock me like Big Ben
    as I go on and kick more
    Got more songs than a record store
    Some is sniffin and some is buffin
    Some is riffin some ain't sayin nothin
    But my pockets I am stuffin
    Huffin puffin blow the house down
    Nice and Smooth is in your town
    I own a sailboat, and this I quote
    Collect federal notes, from songs I wrote
    Not the Shah of Iran and I'm not the Pope
    but my name is on the Walk of Fame like Bob Hope
    Baby doll, bust the sketch, don't forget
    that I'm a trooper and you're troopette
    I'm Mr. Smurf and you're Smurfette
    I, take you, to the hotel
    You, take me, to the motel
    Like a rocketship I will excel
    When you do a crime you go to jail
    Pay the bail then hop the bail
    Bounty hunter is on yo' tail
    Mission to bring you back to jail
    Pump a little weight so I'm not frail
    Baby doll, you know what I'm sayin?

    "When I'm on the mic, there won't be no delayin'" (3X)

    [Smooth B]
    Smooth B -- my rhymes express awareness
    And I posess finesse and we share this
    I'm at the top of the pile
    My long rhymes span infinite miles
    cause I'm buildin, a new rap level
    through bass and treble, I will abolish the devil
    I must prevail
    Smooth B, too fresh to be stale
    I stay def beyond 2000
    And my spirit will keep arousin
    all new jack boys and girls
    And I never had jheri curls
    Smooth B rollin right and exact
    And givin no slack, I'm tellin you flat, that
    I am an orator, dope rhyme conniseur
    Never leavin you bored on the dancefloor
    You want more, Smooth B's got enough for 4 scores
    Chewin MC's like Reese's Pieces
    and treatin other MC's like feces
    They walk around with no direction
    They get mad over our complexion
    They didn't pass inspection
    Nice and Smooth is your resurrection
    I'm like an Audi with fuel injection
    Don't wear glasses, got good perception
    Used to rock at the T-Connection
    And Teddy Ted got the scratch in section
    You know what I'm sayin?


  • magneticmagnetic 2,678 Posts
    Nice & Smooth - how to flow

  • hip-hop junkies (album version)

    hip-hop junkies (bedford park mix)

    would anyone have that version handy?
    i never had the 12

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    there was this def jam promo ep in 93 that had a really dope rmx of "cash in my hands". It rocked this cal tjader snazzy roops. Other folks on the ep were BOSS, Redman, South Central Cartel (I think) and a few others.

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    Who disses Nice & Smooth? Suckers, that's who!

  • Hip Hop Junkies (lunchroom table mix)

    an all time favorite

  • Greg Nice kills it on the beatbox.
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