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So, I'd seen the John Fahey video of him playing a lap steel with this broad asking him silly questions.and then I noticed 5 days ago some kind soul has put up another of him playing "Red Pony"Geek out!] [url=] [/url]


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  • BlightyBlighty 225 Posts
    Very nice. unkoking also has some Japanese drum action.

    and some facemeltingly beautiful Pentangle.

  • DubiousDubious 1,865 Posts
    that pentangle is great in all ways except for the chick.. fuck i CANT stand that high pitched girl folk warble crap.

    the ruination of soooo many potentially great folk jams...

  • SoulOnIceSoulOnIce 13,027 Posts
    That Pentangle clip is fantastic.

    I like Jacqui McShee's vocals.

  • pcmrpcmr 5,591 Posts
    That Pentangle clip is fantastic.

    I've always liked Jacqui McShee's vocals.
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