Jane Jacobs - 1916 - 2006

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"She was an unlikely intellectual warrior, a theorist who opposed most theories, a teacher with no teaching job and no university degree, a writer who wrote well but infrequently."
The author of the seminal The Death & Life of Great American Cities, passed away today. Leaving a legacy of simple yet conscise work. Although I might not agree w/ all her ideas, she stood for something that affected each and every one of us that has lived in a city. If interested, you can read more about her here.rip


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    I remember studying her seminal book inside out during the ist year of my university study. Bringing common sense to the city planning process is

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    damn first Betty Friedan and now this?

    2006 has not been good to our Jewish female intellectual population...

    R.I.P. to her.

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    Damn, She was one of the best. Death and Life was one of the books that inspired me to continue my studies of Urban Renewal and Economic Development. Her ideas inspired a whole generation of scholars and practitioners in the field. I recommend everyone read her work.

    Jane Jacobs
    R.I.P. http://soulstrut.com/ubbthreads/images/icons/frown.gif

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    I had a strange Jane Jacobs experience this morning... yesterday I bought Brenda Coultas' latest book, A Handmade Museum, which has a long poem about the history of the Bowery... In the introduction, she talks about how the poem is inspired by Jane's work and her definion of "A public character" - someone on the street who everyone knows and who knows everyone. Then today I get to work and see Jane's obit. spooked me out, like "another one dies/another one's born."

    Jane was as right as Robert Moses was wrong.

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    a very important person. that ruled.
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