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5/13 10pm buyers pays for $200 worth of video games.5/16 1pm buyer files paypal claim saying he hasnt recieved the merchandise which puts the $200 of mine on hold. (today is the first business day!)5/16 230pm I call paypal and spoke to a manager.manager = "it is within the paypal user agreement to let buyers file a complaint, you have the option of refunding thier payment or not accepting paypal for you auctions".Basically, what this means is that a buyer can pay for something and literally 5 seconds later they can file a paypal claim which will put the sellers money on hold. She also said that the only way I can get the $200 off hold is to send paypal a tracking number and they review the case. The reviewal of the case can take anywhere from 4-14 business days and there is no guarantee the case will go in my favor!?!?!This is the biggest pile of shit I've heard in a while and the wack part is that 90% of my buyers pay me with paypal. I'd love to ditch paypal and it's fees but it's just not possible this day and age ebay.FUCK YOU PAYPAL AND THAT SCUMBAG MANAGER TOO


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    this has happened to me multiple times. In fact, I just finally got my money back from a dude who did this to me. Thanks to Anthony Pearson, and about 15 calls to the dude, I got the $ just an hour ago. ALWAYS GET TRACKING. If its an overseas package of 100 or more, make it mandatory for the buyer to get registred mail, unless he has a clean long feedback rating. I have been getting deliv. confirmation on all my packages because of this shadiness. Nextrecords1992 on Ebay owes me 300$ from records I sold him like 5 months ago, that he froze up, and I paypal took the money out of my BANK ACCOUNT.

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    This happened to me as well...and i'm 90 percent positive dude broke the record himself because it wasn't the one with the "break" on it. He then proceeded to freeze my account, and I had no recourse. Great how that works.

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    Buy a registered envelope to ________, smear some poo in there...send it to ______.

    Tracking number and Step, K.

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    I told the buyer I was gonna send the package but I'd have to send signature confirmation which would be stone cold proof he recieved it.

    Buyer says he doesn't want the games anymore and won't sign for the package.

    Called up paypal again and told them this guy is obviously a scam artist and is refusing to sign for the package. Had the $200 refunded back to him along with my ebay selling fees refunded back to me. Tomorrow I get to file 20 unpaid item notices through ebay...yay for me :-)

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    yeah, this just happened to me too. Luckily the guy was honest & cancelled the complaint, but this is scary - especially with overseas packages where confirmation would double shipping costs were you to insist upon it.
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