Happy Birthday, Herbie!!!

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the man turns 66 today... hopefully he'll decide to showcase his funky side a lil more often [rather than this crappy starbucks shit album that recently came out]... but he's still one of my alltime favorites... and i thank god for his continuing existence.HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HERBIE HANCOCK!!!


  • TobiTobi 187 Posts
    Happy Birthday to one of the greatest musicians on earth!

  • ariel_calmerariel_calmer 3,762 Posts
    Here's to my man right hear (intended)....

    Into the wayback machine:

  • What a coincidence...I played side one of this earlier tonight:

  • G_BalliandoG_Balliando 3,916 Posts
    ahh herbie's an aries. good shit. happy big 66. hope you last forever, g.
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