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Hi ballers,anyone have recommendations for good soundcards for the pc? I record vinyl into the computer for mixes and sampling. I use a cheapo right now, but I am hoping some more experienced folks have some good suggestions.right now I go from turntable to my Vestex and then into the computer. Sounds pretty good, but input is good.thankee


  • twoplytwoply Only Built 4 Manzanita Links 2,904 Posts

    M-Audio Audiophile 2496

    Shouldn't cost you any more than $100.

  • Thanks for the reply twoply.

    A friend recommended me the m-audio that is external and connects via firewire. Anyone use that thing?


  • i would get one that's wired to your computer, just seems like it would be better than usb for some reason. I use a Delta44 (M-Audio) and it's worked fine for 3 years. get one for $150 or less these days (they were almost $400 when I got it I believe)

  • i use the m-audio 410. been good to me so far.
    the 1/4" contacts in the front work well, but i'm using neutrik connectors which are shaped different and they don't always have the best connection. the regular, more pointed tips, will work as expected.

    i'm looking to sell mine in the near future only to move to a digital mixer.
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