Playlist for T.Janda mix?

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Or did I miss it on the page?Jg


  • I think you just missed the disclaimer talking about his "Secret Squirrel" status on the mix.

    Its just for listening pleasure. Class will resume at a later date apparently.

  • Here goes:

    1. Ronnie Mitchell "Soul Meeting"
    2. Bootsy Phelps "Fun In Your Thang"
    3. Rhetta Hughes "You're Doing It With Her"
    4. Ron Buford "Deep Soul" pt2
    6. Steve Parks "Still Thinking Of You"
    7. Friday, Saturday & Sunday "There Must Be Something"
    8. -
    9. Little Beaver & Frank Williams "Soul Stuff"
    10. Lovations "I Can't Forget About You"
    11. Dynamic Corvettes "It's A Trap"
    12. Little Bob & The Lollipops "Rainbow 69"
    13. Honey & The Bees "Baby Do That Thing"
    14. Granby St. Redevelopment "Jelly Rolls"
    15. Queenie Lyons "See And Don't See"
    16. Dorando "Didn't I
    17. -
    18. Arnold Blair "Trying To Get Next To You"
    19. -

    The one's left out are a little foggy, but if you really want to know just pm.

    Hope everyone enjoys.

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