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    Or do you really want to keep this going? All good to me, but it seems like a major waste of time.

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    That the Starpoint that is a big deal or something? I've got that over the summer and it's been in the "hopefully someone else might like this when I decided to sell it" pile


    you need to cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel. plaese.

    "kid inquistivie"

    You wanna part with doth Cymande?

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    I bought a nice copy of this..crazy organs

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    I bought a nice copy of this..crazy organs

    i saw that one, but didnt want to bid cus i knew you were the high bidder. you got a real good price... bastard!

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    Just a few bits

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    Heaven Sent & Ecstasy LP - (took a coverless copy for a heavy discount)

    Such a good album except for that track with the little kids singing. "I'm a Lady" is my track, though there are many many solid ones.

    No cover though! That's a tough one. That cover is a classic.

    A bunch of copies of this LP turned up recently I believe.

    My Recent Pick-ups:

    -Parliment "Osmium" (Traded this for my last copy of Joanne Grauer)

    -Joe Bataan "Afro Filipino"

    -Bonnie White S/T

    -Ronnie Sanders & Vickie Barbor "Hitbound"

    -Bunch of RCI/CBC stuff on Ebay (Sadik Hakim, Billy Robinson, & Gary Hoelke...All Doubles)

    and a really dope Ted Baker shirt and some new New Balance kicks for spring.

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    -Joe Bataan "Afro Filipino"

    I know it's heresy to say this among Fania-ophiles, but this is his best LP, IMO, and one of my top faves, period. His re-workings of songs like 'Ordinary Guy' are just straight gold, and the latin disco mix that is side one just can't be topped. Love it.

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    J.J. Barnes/Day Tripper/Ric Tic

    Day Tripper's cool but isn't the flip "Don't bring me no bad news?" That's the side IMHMFO

    Stu Gardner, "To Soul With Love," Revue LP[/b], an awesome raw late 60's deep soul LP

    "Skating Shoes" sounds like some Meters/Nawlins shit. Hot LP!

    The Jack Bruce LP is basically a faux-free-jazz effort, not bad at all, but I can't quite figure out where they got all these BREAKS ??

    I picked this up on the same BEATS BREAKS SAMPLES pretense. think it took a year or two before I actually listened to it and discovered that it's an enjoyable LP. the Bucktown loop is cool too. BREAKSSSZLOOPZS !!!!11!

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    45s (all $.50 ea)

    Galaxy Pt I&II - War
    It Ain't No Use/Ha Ha (The Laughing Song) - Z.Z. Hill
    Hot Shot (long & short) - Karen Young
    Wordy Rappinghood/(You Don't Stop) Wordy Rappinghood - Tom Tom Club
    Tras El Cristal/Ay Amigo - Luis Garcia
    Hopscotch - Gwen Guthrie
    Peanut Butter - Gwen Guthrie
    Feel the Heartbeat (Have Fun) - Trecherous Three

    12"s (all $1.00 ea)

    Beyond This World - Jungle Brothers (doubles)
    Crossover/Brothers from Brentwood L.I. - EPMD (doubles)
    We Want Eazy (Remix)/Eazy-er Said than Dunn/ Still Talking Remix - Eazy E
    Gangsta Gangsta/Something Like That/Quiet on the Set/Something 2 Dance 2 - NWA (doubles)
    Party Over Here/Yes You May - Lord Finesse (!)
    Uknowhowwedu Remix/I Confess - Bahamadia
    Blue Cheese/Anyway the Wind Blows - UMCs
    Ijuswannachill/Mad Scientist - Large Professor
    Rappaz R N Danja - KRS-One
    Hip Hop Junkies = Nice & Smooth
    Shut 'Em Down (Pete Rock Remix) - Public Enemy (!)
    Danger (promo) - Blahzay Blahzay (doubles)
    I Declare War/Summin Gotz Ta Give
    Take it Personal/DWYCK - Gangstarr
    Give Em a Sample - Do You Wanna Get Hype - Too Kool Posse (!)
    Soldiers GOne Psycho/Prowl/Here We Come/Letha Brain Blow/Sean Price - Heltah Skeltah
    Make it Funky/Top Billin - Audio Two
    Mixtapes EP (blue vinyl) - The Nonce (!)
    Diary of a Madman/Constant Elevation - Gravediggaz
    Jimbrowski/Braggin & Boastin - Jungle BRothers
    Itzsoweezee/Stakes is High Remix - De La Soul
    Give the People/Manslaughter - EPMD (doubles)
    Fed Up (Remix) - House of Pain
    PRotect Ya Neck/Method Man - Wu Tang Clan
    The Return - Cutty Ranks ft. OGC
    When I Make It/Grip Da Mic Tight - Original Flavor
    The River Drive - Jupiter Beyond
    The Motor Song (Stick in your Dipstick) - Randyandy
    Doo Doo Brown - 2 Hyped Brothers and a Dog
    Let's Get Down - Espresso
    I can't Forget - Mr. Lee

    LPs (all $1.00 ea)

    Nive Livez - Nine (!)
    Everything is Everything - Brand Nubian
    The Awakening (w/ Bonus Instr. LP) - Lord Finesse
    DJ Kenny B Vol. II (!)
    A Nice Pair (2LP) - Pink Floyd
    A NIght at Birdland - Art Blakey
    S/T - Don Armando's Second Avenue Rhumba Band
    Free - Airto
    Untitled - JAck DeJohnette Directions

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