• Introducing... The Soul Strut Music Archive

    For the past few years, it's been extremely quite around here.  While the web site hasn't seen much activity (other than the mixes page), I have been extremely active behind the scenes meticulously combing a vast archive of discussion threads from 2001-2007 documenting the eclectic and diverse musical tastes and trends of the Soul Strut community.

    I have amassed around 17,000 albums and singles (and that is up until 2007.)  

    I've made a life time decision to review and collect the most relevant recordings discussed on here in order to inform music lovers for years to come of how great this place really was is.

    I'm going alphabetical.  So with an average of 5 reviews a day, it will take me YEARS to complete.

    So, without further, here is the soft opening of THE ARCHIVE.
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  • Remove your mouth, I made Rhythm Roulette

    Probably the only guy to not plant records or use patch drums too. Idk. Check it out. Hi Soulstrut.
  • Leo Sayer 4 EVA

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  • Soulstrut shout out on new release!

    I do walk with that soulstrut and carry that golden era. When i looked back at the mid 2000's there was only one set of footprints, and it was SS carrying me.

  • 'A to the K' / 'A to the mother fuckin' C' meaning (WildStyle Clip-R)

    I know, I am late to this post, seven years to be exact. I am from the Bronx, I was featured in the movie Wild Style as a graffiti writer which I was a prolific graffiti writer in the late 70s early 80s,  I know exactly what Pookie said. 

    Pookie was a known older member of a street gang known as the  9-Crew which were the West Bronx off-shoot of the disbanded Black Spades Gang division from University Avenue. Slick Rick referenced University Avenue in his song Children's Stories because it was the infamous border line between The Casanova Crew and the 9-Crew in the South / West Bronx area mainly and strictly controlled by the 9-Crew. It was a 9-Crew member that shot and killed DJ Scott La Rock on University Avenue in 1987 shortly after he and KRS One burst on the rap scene. 

    The 9-Crew were mostly stick-up kids and membership into the crew was 3-fold;
    a). You had to own a .9 millimeter gun and carry it with you at all times;
    b). You had to have robbed someone using the .9mm in the presence of an established 9-Crew member;
    c). You had to live in the Highbridge section of the Bronx. 

    If you listen to Pookie he asked Patti Astor’s character do you smoke and she replied I had enough then he asked her do you sniff, do you want to sniff ? She replies no , not right now. He was talking about sniffing cocaine. That is when his partner said the line “ Look, here people you've heard it on the radio, you seen on the TV show.” Then the other actor sats “Aid to the cane.” meaning aid to them getting cocaine. It was a quite common saying from older stickup dudes as they were always sniffing cocaine back then. They would come up anyone, they did not care if they knew you or not. If you lived in their building on the same floor it did not matter to them. If you were rolling solo with no street crew affiliation then you were fair game like anyone else. They would say “Yo, yo whats up wit ya ? Aid to the cane. In other words give me money so I can go buy cocaine.  Pookie then while pulling out the sawed off shot-gun said A to the motherfucking C a shorten version of aid to the cane. This is what was said 100 percent. If you were from the Bronx back in the early 80s and you were living that life OR you got victimized by a stick up crew then you know what was said. I was affiliated quickly after I got stuck up for my down coat in 1978 at gun point. I vowed that was never going to happen to me ever again. I was 14 in 1978. I got jumped by 2 dudes who were 17 and 18 both with guns walking home from junior high school. That was the life in the Bronx back then. 
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  • Fines of October

    Your finds are all so cute. The ruler is back kids.
  • Soul Strut 25. This is the End.

    This entire website should be preserved by the Smithsonian. It’s important, dammit. 
  • Why So Quiet Around Here?

    yuichi said:
    Hey guys.  To be completely blunt, the last format/layout change I think completely turned off most
    remaining OG members. 
    I noticed that.. Harvey Canal, Batmon, Laserwolf, DB Cooper all jumped shipped after the "upgrade".  I will admit that the latest upgrade was a last ditch attempt to be "relevant" as it features a lot of more social media stylings.  It does have it's benefits (like a better search engine), but then again, if you are living in 2016 and still using message board technology, it's probably the last thing you care about.  

    I guess I am....


    In all honesty, though, I miss the community.  I miss being able to support people's new releases, hear about their new mixes, get excited about a new record store someone is opening up, a movie review.  All that is gone.  I'm friends with a lot of the same people on Facebook and it's not the same.  In fact, I unfollowed a lot of them because of the same stupid daily narcissism.  

    Also, I haven't been on Waxidermy in years, but props to them for keeping it simple and retaining their audience.  That was not a healthy place for me, though.  The last few times I was on there, it was filled with ex pats reveling in this place's demise.  

    Nonetheless, I am fully dedicated to having this place still up and running for more years to come!  The archives are one of my children and I hope people get the same value out of them as I do.

  • Hello to the Strut

    Message board nostalgia is real. Welcome back. I like slowstrut better now than it used to be. People are nicer (myself included). Could be that I’m older, or it could be that now I realize how lucky I am that soulstrut is still here- a safe place away from social media that feels like home. 
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  • Soul Strut 25. This is the End.

    Hi everyone - hope you are all doing awesome! Was thinking about Soul Strut this morning so wanted to come over here and say hello to whomever is left here and specifically to Raj who built a really amazing (and legit life changing) thing here with this board. Thanks so much Raj, you and work are truly appreciated!

    And to all the people who came by here and spent time, I hope you all go forward into the future with peace and love. This was a wonderful community and was profoundly enriching in so many ways and I am proud to have been a part of it. 

    Here's to what's to come down the road!