klezmer electro-thug beats

klezmer electro-thug beats


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  • Vulfpeck - Are we just gonna pretend this is not a thing?

  • Catching up with Soul Strut (NRR)...

    I've felt an increasing nagging feeling that the "old web" formats of forums, newsgroups, etc. remain the better option these days. The monetized web is a scary thing. Life is better when everything you do isn't a transaction (however invisible that transaction may be).
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    Steve, that mix is a lot of fun, thanks
    Scuba Steve
  • current film strut

    Re Baby Driver...
    As soon as the main character goes straight from his 15-cop warehouse bloodbath to meet with his cute love interest in her cute diner, I was like... nah. Then he comes to the diner pursued by loads of cops for a bloody robbery and she's like "I'm with you, even though you never mentioned you bloodbath cops and rob banks for a living and I'm just a waitress" and hops in... come on man write a character.

    And on a personal note as an editor I get really annoyed at the way people discuss Baby Driver. People talking like it deserved an Oscar for that. It is not a "well-edited" movie. It was well-previsualized and well-blocked to execute the "action on beats" synchronization, but what that means is the edit was already done by the director before anything was shot and no meaningful choices could be made with the footage in the edit. Let alone the fact that good editing should be hard to pinpoint. If it distracts you enough that you notice it on first viewing (or indeed if most untrained eyes notice there was something going on with the editing at all) then it's not really doing what it's supposed to. Moments of counterpoint, sure, but having the whole thing feel like a music video isn't effective, storytelling editing. I can grant that it's an experiment but it's a little like "I am watching an experiment in editing" and not so much like "wow that movie swept me away in its story, action, and characters and I don't even know what was done technically to achieve it!"
  • Eric B & Rakim reuniting for 2018 tour

    Eric B WAS president... is it legal for him to run again?