klezmer electro-thug beats

klezmer electro-thug beats


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  • Introducing... The Soul Strut Music Archive

    The ISH takes me BACK. Damn.
  • Introducing... The Soul Strut Music Archive

    Hell of a mission, but I think it's a really cool undertaking. Thanks for the link to the oldies too, the knowledge dropped in that should be fun to sieve through.
  • E-40 is reportedly suing the author of a Captain Save A Hoe book

    Captain Save-A-Hook™
  • SoundCloud Mixes

    Matthew, I'm sure everybody appreciates you diggin' in the turds (new crew name?) for these important documents of disco chud/Colorado history. I salute you but god damn if I can get through all three...

    Doisn, that opening Grazing in the Grass boogaloo is so solid, who is it??

    To contribute I recently revisited this electric mud/howlin' wolf megamix, and found it still really enjoyable:

    "'Electric Mud' and 'The Howlin' Wolf Album' are pretty much perfect to me. I could happily sit and listen to both on rotation for longer than would be considered regular or healthy. I have done just that on many occasions, in fact.

    So with this in mind, my instinct to dissect and forensically examine the music I truly love was too hard to resist and ultimately, this led to what you have here. These are two albums that to me, if I may put them in a modern perspective, bang relentlessly and thoroughly in every way and I love them so hard. It felt like it would be too easy to just snatch straight up loops from them (although that would sound wonderful of course), and I had the thought of making some re-edits in some way or another, but I decided on reconstructing them both and blending them together in that way.

    This is produced from well over 750 chops of both albums combined.

    If you haven't yet heard 'Electric Mud' by Muddy Waters, or 'The Howlin' Wolf Album', I cannot recommend them highly enough. Try and find them on vinyl if you can- trust me. If not, get yourself the CDs. If you are already familiar with both albums, I hope you enjoy what I've created from them.

    Every chop made with care and respect.

    Every step programmed with love."

  • Beat making

    Henry I feel like that track needs Geechi Suede and Sonny Cheeba on it. Lush and uptown saturday night-ish
    And GJ your shit was a nice background to some cooking recently. As I recently heard a DJ with a heavy Russian accent say, komink with the old strong bits. Akressif bits.