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klezmer electro-thug beats


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  • Instagram Ads. Out of control.

    Sometimes I want to communicate without sharing a photo or video I took on my phone and without limiting my character count. I believe one day there will be a platform that can accommodate this. Unfortunately that day was in like 1996 and now everything has to be owned and monetized by either google or facebook. I'd much rather ad money came to some schmoe running a small website or whatever
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  • Hook & Sling Festival / 21&22 July / London

    Hell yeah bought my ticket. Can't wait.
  • WANTED: Honey & The Bees - Love Addict (Arctic) 45 not the Jap repress thanks. All the £££s waiting.

    You can even do that bambaataa skullduggery and switch/photocopy/paste-over labels if you have a crowd of elite heads hovering over the tables you need to keep in their place. I get wanting to OWN an original raer personally (not enough to pay what most originals are going for, but I understand it in theory), but to play out? Just lie to whatever one dude is there who is even aware that the record is rare or has been reissued, and say you're playing the OG. No honor. I will sample off youtube. I will fake mardi gras without the bells using the latest and greatest waveform photoshopping software. I will tell you Large Pro produced T.R.O.Y. and I know cause I was there, fuck it. Take a page from Biz Markie's book. It's funner and funnier.

    In case we thought there weren't any bigger creeps than the conservatives, a couple interesting things about the DUP -

    - The UVF (I think it was this acronym?) a currently active terrorist organization, literally murdered a dude in front of his 3 year old in a supermarket parking lot like last week, and DUP leader Arlene Foster met with their head for a social visit less than 48 hours after the murder and didn't have anything to say about it...



    A party in love with a guy so murderous that the Combined Loyalist Military Command ordered him to leave NI in 72 hours or be killed because he was jeapordizing the peace process - despite him being on their side.

    Then there's the problem of militant loyalists holding the UK government to ransom possibly being a violation of the Good Friday agreement... see if they can't fuck around and get the trifecta of leaving the EU, losing Scotland and NI, and hell let's throw in the freebie of kick-starting a new Troubles.

    So surprising no one, May, who tweeted during the election that a six-seat loss would mean Corbyn would be PM and then lost more than double that, is clinging to power through just about the filthiest means possible.

    If there's one good thing to come from this (aside from a new election) I hope this teaches all the recently-engaged or energized voters than politics is about taking power, not asking for it, not winning the moral battle or the sorkin-esque rhetorical epée shit, not "both sides do it"-ing, but having an ideology and a program to execute it and doing it even if it's dirty, because that sure as shit is what the right wing has known how to do for decades.


    I know it ain't gonna happen but I really, really want to see the national spit-take if Labour take it (or at least the Cons can't form a government). It'd be the perfect culmination of 2 (really 7, but let's be generous) years of the government literally fucking up every prediction of every election result, writing checks they can't cash, being held to it, wreaking havoc and then for some reason being rewarded for it anyway at every turn.