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  • The infamous 'please to not tet' e-mail

    Hey Raj/anyone...

    Hope all has been well.  I've recently had an urge to read the famous 'please to not tet' e-mail and I cannot find it.  Does anyone have a copy they can post?  I need to see it again...I miss it.  

    Thanks all!

  • Chess with friends app (Anyone want to play-r)

    para11ax said:
    Still couldn't find it, dude.  Look me up and let's play...

    I'm Lil Infinity now.  
  • Cell Phone Photo Strut - Post Some Random Pics

  • Soulstrut R.I.P. (1999-2016)

    Ah shit...I'm over these RIP SoulStrut threads.  The role of the site has simply changed with the change of the internet.  

    You used to have to go to a forum to get a question answered about some obscure record; now, a simple google search will get you the answer almost immediately.  That cuts down on traffic significantly.  Also, the nature of 'digging' has totally changed.    

    This site offers priceless info from like minded folks.  In the last few years, here is what I have used this site for:

    • Travel advice in Cali
    • Travel advice in NYC
    • Travel advice in Austin TX (also got to have some beers with the infamous Harvey Canal)
    • Offered Charleston travel advice to CBear and got to burn one with him and his lady
    • Use the mix section to play tunes on the beach almost every damn weekend  
    • Music recommendations
    • Documentary recommendations    
    • Reviews on if a live performer is worth checking out or not 
    • Insanely awesome podcast recommendations (including the Thes interview with the Southern Vanguard that I read about yesterday)
    • Super inside baseball rumors about Bambaata via Thes

    The site is alive...the site is priceless as fuck...the site has changed...the internet has changed.   

    Alright...gotta get back to work.  The real "RIP" is for my enthusiasm for this cubicle hell I've created for myself, amirite?!

    Big_StacksDuderonomyThe Bizarre
  • Podcast Suggestions

    The Cipher- very good interviews weekly (despite the horrible name)
    Ice-T- the final level -has good interviews 
    Nore has new Podcast called Drink Champs. Looks promising. 
    Vlad's Couch is decent too. 

    BTW- Cosign the Juan Ep podcast...
    classic!'d I miss this.  Beat me to the punch on Drink Champs.