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  • Record store back room/basement

    Supreme and I were talking about crazy record store owners, that means ALL of them, and we got onto a funny subject. Why does almost every damn record store have a back room or basement with LOTS more records, but the dudes are MAD funny about letting you in there. "Oh I've got a lot more records in the back, but you can't go back there and look." Motherfucker why not!? You are in the business of SELLING records right? The secret basement is the other funny one. "Yo son, there is like crazy records in the basement of that shop but you gotta know the owner real well or you can't look down there." I think some of these record store owners just want to hoard records so they can be funny about the back room and the basement. "Oh, I have to go through them and price them first." Fool I got cash money NOW, what's really good? These guys act like you have to have government security clearance to look in the basement! LOL. If I had a record store and you got cash? SHIT, Plaese foll. You can look in the basement, the backroom, on the roof, in the bathroom, in my car, the spot where I eat lunch, any place you want. Find a record you like? Bring it to the counter with some money and we'll work out a price. Yadadamean? Plaese to post ALL funny record store backroom and basement stories in this thread.Thank you and have a nice Friday!
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