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    Do these rapper know they are doing the Captain Beefheart screech?
    klezmer electro-thug beats
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    This is a quick summery. If you google your question you’ll get several forums that discuss it with old heads that worked in stores when it started which varies from late 50s to early 60s. It wasn’t an all at once thing and took a while to become the norm since record stores didn’t want it as people used listen stations for new releases as well as only putting sleeves out on the rack and keeping records behind the counter. (Common knowledge, I know). It seems to have started when non record stores (Woolworth’s etc) started selling records and needed them protected as they were just on an open rack with no attendant. It’s also funny one original method was to shrink wrap the record itself but not the cover. I’ve found a couple of these over the years still sealed (on the inside lol) and wondered WTF!
  • Spinal Tap Lazer Surgery

    Total nerdville. Had to share. Wife got the Lazer vision correction. In the meeting with the Doctor before, he was talking about how their clinic was better because they could correct a wider range of bad vision.

    "most clinics lasers only go to 7. We have the German lasers.....our lasers go to 11"

    he said it like 3-4 times and I started to think it was a joke but after he threw in some more tech data I think he was the Nigel of vision surgery making sure he had the spinal tap lasers just in case you need that little extra boost. 

    caiLaserWolfFrancois Von Pierre Parker
  • Whittling down the collection

    Just do it. It feels good to let go. If your an active DJ and beat maker then hoarding might make sense because you'll never know what you may use. If your just a collector then keeping the gems and losing the baggage is the way to go. I was over 5k and now I'm down to around 2k and don't miss a thing. Most of the 1 trackers were burnt to high quality MP3 so I still have the music just not the record. I have serato and a terabyte of storage on a nice Mac so it might be easy for me to say. I ditched a lot of doubles and scratch stuff because I'd rather do that with the serato records since I'm just going to cue burn the originals anyhow. Now I just get new serato control records every year and the music always sounds good. Same with all the records I had just for sampling. Burn and turn. now I just have NM/Mint original records I really like and can listen to most if not all the way through.