Spinal Tap Lazer Surgery

Total nerdville. Had to share. Wife got the Lazer vision correction. In the meeting with the Doctor before, he was talking about how their clinic was better because they could correct a wider range of bad vision.

"most clinics lasers only go to 7. We have the German lasers.....our lasers go to 11"

he said it like 3-4 times and I started to think it was a joke but after he threw in some more tech data I think he was the Nigel of vision surgery making sure he had the spinal tap lasers just in case you need that little extra boost. 

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    I'm high asf rite now, and your post is tripping me out...


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    Apparently using this kind of surgery they can now make a human's sight 'better' that a hawks. With hawk strength vision you could clearly make out ants from the top of a ten story building, and they reckon they can go better than that. not sure if you'd want vision like that though.

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    I've heard "Germany technology/made" used many times as a short cut/brag.
    "These speakers/laser/motor/food processor/windshield wipers are the best! They were made in Germany!"

  • hit me with ants from the top of a ten story building vision any god damn day of the week, I have all kinds of wild shit I want to see in excruciating detail.
    german lasers that go to 11 sounds like an alt-history-sci-fi where hitler is still around in the 60s and has built a boat with a giant moonraker laser on the deck, which I'm also down with. who's a novelist? you can have that one for free. pm me for more 60s hitler ideas. sorry

  • Think he fed you a line.
    Most laser surgeons use wavefront guided lasers now.
    -11 is no problem in most cases- it depends on the corneal thickness though and not the laser in most cases!

    If your wife was say -7, then why would you need a user going down to -11…. 

    2 cents

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    Greetings Mo.


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