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    My first Quebec beat. Think I've felt inspired by the tranquility here:

    Smacked new drums and 808 baseline on this fucker.

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    How many beats can you name?  I've been sleeping hard on Alchemist!
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    Coco Bryce: Tune breakdown.. somewhere late December last year there was this meme/video doing the rounds on facebook of someone asking Siri “what's one trillion to the tenth power” and then Siri replying “one” followed by a seemingly endless amount of zeros... the two people in the video then proceed to churn out a drumbreak by tapping their hands and a pen they're holding onto a table, to the rhythm of Siri's answer...

    I figured it might make for a nice intro to a tune (like probably 99% of everyone who saw the video did), so I recorded the audio, chucked it in Ableton, slowed it down a couple bpm's and added Monita's “Luv Ta Luv Ya” break... and then another break... and then a bassline popped into my head which I played pretty much first try (rare as hen's teeth for me, as I don't even know how to read notes or anything)... mind you that most of the times I tend to not have a set plan when going in for a new tune: I'll usually just drag the most random samples into Ableton and start mucking about until something sticks, repeating the process until I feel like I have enough patterns and variety to build a full track with it.. and whenever I do actually have something specific in mind, I'll almost certainly end up with a pile of shit, not coming anywhere near what it might've sounded like in my head...

    in this case however, the whole thing more or less wrote itself, and it seemed like every new element I added made sense (or at least to me it did, but I'll let you be the judge of that)... I grabbed a vocal snippet from a “Princess Of The Posse” track and then sampled a pad from DJ Rap & Voyager's “Burning Love” with which I played a few notes, and that was basically the entire foundation of the tune laid right there (sampling from within the same genre, which I know is about as big of a “no no” as using breaks from the BMT sample pack, sorry but not really).. I can't exactly remember how long it took me, but it couldn't have been more than an hour... the only real time consuming parts of the process were the drum edits (as per) and piecing together the rest of the vocals from a clash tape...

    weird how sometimes you can spend oodles of time trying to get something to sound right, and still not manage to pull it off after working on a single track for days on end... and then the very next day everything seems to just fall in place out of the blue... pretty damn rare for me, and whenever it does happen, for some reason it always kinda feels like it ain't right, like I've “cheated my way through the system” by using illegal shortcuts or summat... wish it would happen more often tho hahah, would definitely save me a lot of frustration and anxiety...

    it's called “Trillion Shekel Man” btw, and should be out in a couple of months on 7th Storey Projects as part of a split 10” with Sonar's Ghost.. just got the test presses in last week, and looking well forward to its release, not in the least part because of the tune on the flip.

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    Your Old Droog & Edan:


    Wall-Of-Fame in effect. Near the end Edan pulls out a Jack Bruce plus another I don't recognise? Is the second the record he's juggling?