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    Not been to the clubs here, but everything musical here is... more lowkey, and feels a bit like a step back in time, or to a parallel world where the '90s (and extreme clubbing/drug culture/house+techno etc) never happened, which is really odd to me as it all started on one of their islands in the '80s, but I guess it was stigmatised as just something those stupid tourists do.
    The Spanish/Catalans just don't view music in the same way as us, and although they freely admit to admiration for the music of the UK as being one of the truly world class exports they are grateful for (they still aren't having Marmite), they don't seem to be that interested in... hmmm, making room for music?
    The cafe/terrace culture is all outside. Music would be a step too far in crowded cities where neighbours are already struggling to sleep through the all-night chatter, but even in the winter, inside the bars the Spanish go out to socialise first, debauchery isn't even in second place, and music is incidental. When they do music, it's a concert, a performance that they may join in with the hand-clapping and the chorus if they know the words, it's them paying their full attention to it (and/or money), and they love it, but I wouldn't call it a musical city.

    When they do attempt to create some atmosphere it could be at a secondhand market with DJs playing tunes in the sun while people look through vintage t-shirts, or, hilariously, I once witnessed a DJ playing to a car-park on the water front because there was some kind of yacht exposition going on nearby.

    Went on a trip to Prague in the spring, and walking along the river bank with the girlfriend we strolled past a bar with tables outside, people sitting in the sun drinking steins of amazing beer, and a couple of massive gig speakers playing a Led Zep tune. Many of the drinkers, whether in groups or alone, were sitting in silence, eyes closed, enjoying the sun on their faces and listening to the music. I pointed out to my gf that in nearly 3 years, I've never witnessed this behaviour from locals in Spain.

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    As long as he’s not in Philly: https://mobile.twitter.com/keeleyfox29/status/1240031697674080260?s=21

    Saudis actually made Russia look good. Doubtless their players came down with a touch of polonium.
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    I learnt yesterday that women don’t get paid maternity leave in the USA. Like WTF, add in medical bills and only 2 weeks annual leave if your lucky... damn they’re getting fucked in the ass here.