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  • 2024 RIP Thraed

    RIP Patti Astor
    I have seen at least half a dozen people on IG posting this Wild Style clip tonight. 
    A to the K. 
    Time to repost the Soulstrut 

    I know, I am late to this post, seven years to be exact. I am from the Bronx, I was featured in the movie Wild Style as a graffiti writer which I was a prolific graffiti writer in the late 70s early 80s,  I know exactly what Pookie said. 

    Pookie was a known older member of a street gang known as the  9-Crew which were the West Bronx off-shoot of the disbanded Black Spades Gang division from University Avenue. Slick Rick referenced University Avenue in his song Children's Stories because it was the infamous border line between The Casanova Crew and the 9-Crew in the South / West Bronx area mainly and strictly controlled by the 9-Crew. It was a 9-Crew member that shot and killed DJ Scott La Rock on University Avenue in 1987 shortly after he and KRS One burst on the rap scene. 

    The 9-Crew were mostly stick-up kids and membership into the crew was 3-fold;
    a). You had to own a .9 millimeter gun and carry it with you at all times;
    b). You had to have robbed someone using the .9mm in the presence of an established 9-Crew member;
    c). You had to live in the Highbridge section of the Bronx. 

    If you listen to Pookie he asked Patti Astor’s character do you smoke and she replied I had enough then he asked her do you sniff, do you want to sniff ? She replies no , not right now. He was talking about sniffing cocaine. That is when his partner said the line “ Look, here people you've heard it on the radio, you seen on the TV show.” Then the other actor sats “Aid to the cane.” meaning aid to them getting cocaine. It was a quite common saying from older stickup dudes as they were always sniffing cocaine back then. They would come up anyone, they did not care if they knew you or not. If you lived in their building on the same floor it did not matter to them. If you were rolling solo with no street crew affiliation then you were fair game like anyone else. They would say “Yo, yo whats up wit ya ? Aid to the cane. In other words give me money so I can go buy cocaine.  Pookie then while pulling out the sawed off shot-gun said A to the motherfucking C a shorten version of aid to the cane. This is what was said 100 percent. If you were from the Bronx back in the early 80s and you were living that life OR you got victimized by a stick up crew then you know what was said. I was affiliated quickly after I got stuck up for my down coat in 1978 at gun point. I vowed that was never going to happen to me ever again. I was 14 in 1978. I got jumped by 2 dudes who were 17 and 18 both with guns walking home from junior high school. That was the life in the Bronx back then. 

  • People With Weird Names

    David_G said:
    My wife has a 1st grader named Miracle Murphy.

    We have a coworker called Miracle Hung  

    But it a woman. 

  • Who is IQC? (or do I need to wash my ears)?

    Thank you. Prince Ikey C, later of Time Zone.
  • Soul Strut 25. This is the End.

    200+ Likes on FB and 100 comments
    500 (!) Likes on Instagram and 150 comments
    A mere hundred views views and a dozen comments on
    This probably explains that the struggle is real. 

    Thanks Raj for keeping it going for a quarter of a century. I was actually wondering over the holidays how long you would keep it going...     
    TWENTYFIVE years makes you realise how old many of us are by now or (if you were NOT around at the turn of the millenium) how much of this digging culture you missed when it happened "live".  
    A BIG Thank You to all who have contributed to this site and shared their passion and knowledge.  

    The alternative to shutting it down would have been to set up a 25th anniversary merch shop: Tee Shirts (!!!), coffee table book... bring it on! Maybe you can still do that!?!?!!! 


    Oranguru said:
    no way dude. r. kelly. the beer ad poster for it was kind of a interpolation of his "r." album cover art. someone has to know. well, come to think of it, they were only sold at the ghetto corner stores so maybe nobody here saw it.

    but i swear there was a r. kelly beer.

    Made an account just to reply to this, but I believe it was an alcoholic cider that he collaborated with during his 2001 summer tour, and I know i'm about 16 years late, cut me some slack

    One of the reasons why we love The Strut. 

    One of the mysteries I never get when this happens: how did you realise in October 2023 that this 16 year old SS-thread needed closure?

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