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  • The Soul Strut "Raer" Live Stream

    Going live this Friday night 8-9PM EST.

    It's about that time to bring forth the obscure 70s funk that's captured the imaginations of djs, collectros, and producers over the years. Tune in this Friday night 8-9 PM EST as DJ Raj Mahal puts his crate digging skills to the test , delivering another episode of rare groove cult classics.  It's all vinyl and all live!
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    dizzybull said:

    Jesus, that's huge.  I got a tiny one compared to you.  I want to see yours.

    It can fill up quickly if you take into effect multiple-pressings. I have a huge list of unattainables as well.... one can dream.

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    para11ax said:
    The price of vinyl is just silly now.

    2 weeks ago, I bought an AOTN reissue of The Leaders - “(It’s a) Rat Race” and a copy of the Marker Starling 45. With shipping, it cost just shy of $60 CAD. Am I the crazy one who thinks $60 is too much for a couple of new 7” releases?

    My buying has slowed down dramatically. I think there are still occasional deals on eBay and Discogs. But I spend way less time on it.

    I think it's a mixture of supply, demand, demographics, and maybe rising costs due to the Apollo Masters fire?  I just paid $60+ on a couple Japanese city pop reissues, recently.  The pressing and packaging are impeccable, but damn it hurts to spend that much on a new record considering 180 gram reissues were like $10 in the 2000s.

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    Mondeyano said:
    I'm always kind of disheartened when I go on Discogs as prices just seem to go up and up. Like no deals are to be made, but I guess you have to check it every day to grab the dealz.

    That was me for a lot of years.  I relied on the email that they sent out filled with random wants and never found anything reasonably priced.  I started getting in the habit of viewing the newest additions of wants in the marketplace about 10-20x per day.  That's when I would find deals and reasonable priced items.

    eBay is so fucking dead.  I have an app that searches wants on a daily basis and it's the same overpriced fixed priced bullshit day in and day out.  If there happens to be a live auction, not a BIN, it's carolinasoul / paperstax / funkyou where shit goes massively overpriced.

  • The Soul Strut "Raer" Live Stream

    Last night's business:

    Soul Strut! - Coko & Misha Panfilov Sound Combo
    Drainpipe - Protein Bros
    Allora mi ricordo - New Trolls
    Murmullo - Los Rockin Devils 
    Air - Onyx
    In Your Room - Carriage Company
    Paper Man - Jade
    Pork Chops - The Jon-Lee Group
    Everybody's Excited - Flower Island
    Family Affair - Flash & The Dynamics
    Party Time - Cinnamon Suns
    Get Down (When The Feelin' Hits You) Pt1+2 - Blacklove 
    Dirty Music - Monarch
    All Shook Up - Roger Freeman
    SHOTGUN II - The Chambermen
    Gimme Some Lovin - Jordan
    What You Need - Button
    Dici (Dizzy) - Quelli
    Margarina - The Ten Tops
    All Along The Watchtower - Barbara Keith
    DuderonomyElectrodeklezmer electro-thug beats