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  • The Soul Strut "Raer" Live Stream

    Hey folls and idoits,

    I've been suffering from livestream fatigue as mandates are lifted and the sunshines.  That said, I did have an 80s inspired phonk mix in the can that I wanted to share before I take a little hiatus.

    Here's a live performance of it as part of DJ Mordecai's Soundclash Sunday

    Track List:

    Intro - DJ Raj Mahal
    I Got this Feeling - Hypertension
    I Didn't Mean to Break Your Heart - One Way
    It's You That's Happening (inst) - Exquisite Taste
    Let Your Body Do The Talkin' - Shock
    Beweg Dein Körper - First Touch
    Rock and a Hard Place - Frank Hatchett
    Baby You're The One - Wynd Chymes
    You - Michael Sterling
    Rain Forest - Frank Hatchett
    This party's jam packed (rap) - Dwayne Omarr
    This is a party - Radiance
    Release the Beast - Breakwater
    Pick It Up - Squirmin Herman And The Magneficent 7
    Funky in LA - XL Middleton
    Feak with You - Master Jam
    Don't Stop What You're Doin' - Alicia Myers
    Stuck Up - Kwick
    Stomp - Glass
    The Sound Of Music (European Mix) - Dayton
    Open Your Mind - Kleeer

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  • The Soul Strut "Raer" Live Stream

    dizzybull said:

    These boots are made for walking - Ella Fitzgerald

    ive been looking like crazy for that one. Is it raer? Seems like her records are everywhere but this one I cannot find. 

    It is rare.  I think Jazzmon reissued it.  I was able to get mine of the Bay for a great price.  'Scogs it's like a $30 piece.

  • The Soul Strut "Raer" Live Stream

    RAJ said:

    Agree on the neu funk.  Desco was my era and a gateway drug back in the late 90s.  I knew Phillip Lehman and helped design a later version of the Desco web site before the label folded.

    Cool! Do you know what happened to him after Soul Fire? All I ever heard was he was a bit of a mad scientist, had an existential crisis of some sort, signed over Soul Fire/T&S to El Michaels and Jeff SIlverman and became a cave diver in the Caribbean or something?

    He is related to the Lehman Brothers empire, so he could do pretty much anything he wants. What I heard is that he dropped everything and moved to Peru to surf. 


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  • The Soul Strut "Raer" Live Stream

    Put together a little funk mix while on vacation at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia.  Upload speeds weren't having a live stream, but was able to get it on tape and upload it to thou Youtube:

    Official mixxx is on the soundcloud page as well:

    Track List:

    Iron Leg - Mickey & The Soul Generation
    Mighty Mighty - Jesse Anderson
    I Stayed Away Too Long - Manual B. Holcolm & His Band
    Headman - Obrey Wilson
    Superjock - Reuben Bell
    (Oh no not) The Beast Day - Marsha Hunt
    Ma-Gee - Calypso King & Soul Investigators
    Music Turns Me On - Les Parson
    Yellow Sunshine - Yellow Sunshine
    Ice Breaker - Bubaza
    Sahweesie - Ethiopian Brothers
    Goin' To See My Baby - The FatBack Band
    Chick-A-Boom - Joe Battan
    One, Two, Boogaloo - Light Nites
    Augusta Georgia (Here I Come) - Bus People Express
    Ooohh Weee - Volcano Kpache
    Let The Groove Move You - Gus`The Groove` Lewis
    These boots are made for walking - Ella Fitzgerald
    If You're Looking for Love - Triads
    Tightrope - Sylvanus
    On The Hill - Oliver Sain
    Heather - Billy Cobham

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  • The Soul Strut "Raer" Live Stream

    The offical mixxx is uppp:

    An 80s electro funk journey brought to you by DJ Raj Mahal. Long live the 808!

    Track List:

    Intro - DJ Raj Mahal
    The Theme of Alliance - The Alliance
    Redlight Combat - Anthony Rother
    Le Meilleur Des Mondes - Rational Youth
    I Like It (Cornflakes) - The Extra T's
    Customs - Harold Faltermeyer
    Musique (Non Stop) - Kraftwerk
    All Systems Go - Jazaq
    Perfect High - Peppermint Lounge
    Machine Gun Boogie - Antoine Rocky-Horror
    Key West - Kasso
    The Voice Of Q - Q
    Take A Chance - Mr Flagio
    Project 5 (Instrumental) - Synergy
    Dude On The Street - Anthony Rother
    102 BPM - Jive Rhythm Trax
    I'm Ready - Kano
    Dirty Talk (Euro Connection Inst) - Klein & MBO
    Fall out (Instumental) - Der Mer
    Young Ladies (Blue Label) - Fast Lane 
    Techno City - E.V.I.A.N and the Atlantis Posse
    Two DJ's - The Alliance
    Reckless (Club Mix) - Chris "The Glove" Taylor
    Destroy Him My Robots - Anthony Rother

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