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  • Corona Virus Revealed

    I just did a test run on Instagram Live.  The set up was simple.  Line out of the amp into an iRig i had laying around into the iPhone.  The feedback was good though I couldn't see any levels.  I ordered an iphone tripod mount.  Hoping to go live with some beers Friday or Saturday night.
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  • Corona Virus Revealed

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  • Photography Strut - Pics you shot recently

    dizzybull said:
    Jimster said:
    Raj, on those road trips, do you seek out local coffee spots etc. or are you just passing through for the photos?  I just wonder, based on the imagery, if it's all Bubba and dem shooting the "Pop: 27" sigs or whether there are hidden spots of humanity?

    I can't speak for RAJ but I feel like these kids of spots are all over.  But I live in the Southwest which is ghost town central. Even in San Diego county we have towns that were all but abandoned when the 8 freeway was built so all these little highway towns just dried up (ala the movie Cars - we have our own version of Route 66).

    To electro thug klezmer beats or whatever you name is (sorry), what camera are you shooting on that does those panoramas?


    Correct.  These types of spots are all over the Southwest US (especially the stretch of Route 66 from Albuquerque, NM to San Bernadino, CA).  It's all ugly urban sprawl from there to Santa Monica.    There are spots on the East Coast, but you don't get the type of negative space and desolation that you get out West.  Also, there is no humidity out there so you still see a lot of vintage cars and trucks out on the road. It's like a scene from a Wim Wenders movie .  I usually like to plan a trip in March / April when I'm sick of the shitty weather here.  What's even better is if I can coincide it with a record show.

    Here are some Polaroids from my West Texas trip.

    Sierra Blanca TX Target Marathon West Texas Odessa TX Van Horn TX San Antonio TX Van Horn TX Van Horn TX San Antonio TX
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  • Photography Strut - Pics you shot recently

    In the midst of updating my Flickr account with road shots from the past couple of years.  Most of them shot on my Mamiya 6 MF with Kodak Ektar 100 film.


    Junction TX Sanderson Tx Do-Drop-inn Cafe Texas Pipersville PA Fort Stockton TX Sanderson Tx Coopersburg PA Dublin PA

  • 20 Years To The Day!

    On this day in 1999, I created an online community dedicated to the art of "crate digging" (unearthing under-appreciated lost vinyl gems). I had no idea the impact it would make and how many lives and careers it would affect. 20 years later, I would simply like to say thank you to all who has supported Soul Strut past and present. After much deliberation, I still plan to be involved with keeping the web site and archives afloat. Leave a comment with your fondest Soul Strut memory. Cheers!
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